Martial arts, swords and things that kill

I know ths ain’t China or Japan but a friend of mine who is into her martial arts is coming to visit and i would like to know if there are places or things to see somewhere in Taiwan regarding kung fu or whatever else.

Anyone know good places, exhibitions, or whatever…

Go to the parks on evenings for Sat and Sun mornings. You’ll see a lot of people practicing and taking classes. There is one very old man in the Zhongqiang park on Sat. and Sun. mornings. He throws jumps like a kid and throws around heavy hellebards. Very interesting to watch…=)

This might be of interest too.

If you’re still there and still interested, this might help

Lo Man Kam’s Wing Chun School

No. 31, 4F, Alley 51, Lan 12, Sec.3, BaDe Rd; Taipei, Taiwan

(If you’re on DunHua Road, the lane is on the east side of DunHua Road- one block north of Civil Blvd, or one block south of BaDe Road.
There is a Lexus auto dealership on the corner of the lane.

The school’s location in this lane is about three blocks east of DunHua.)




Who is Lo Man Kam?
Sifu Lo Man Kam is the nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man. He started learning Wing Chun Kuen with his uncle in 1950, at the same time as illustrious students like Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Yip Bo Ching, and Jiu Wan.
In 1960, he moved to Taiwan where he worked in military intelligence. Retiring in 1975, he established the first Wing Chun school in Taiwan, and has since taught over 2,000 students from over 34 countries and territories.

[i][b]The nephew of Grandmaster Yip Man, Sifu Lo Man Kam began learning Wing Chun Kung Fu from his uncle at a very early age. To this day, he still progresses in Wing Chun, continually seeking to expand an already profound understanding of his art. Using his vast knowledge of martial arts, he has integrated Wing Chun