🥋 Martial Arts - UFC | Chris Weidman snapped his leg in half

Is this new? I’ve seen something like this happen before. Maybe a decent weekly WTF candidate.

It’s happened a few times , Anderson Silva did it against Weidmann. Always looks horrifying.

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It’s new because the other guy didn’t even throw a single attack I think

Holy Fuuu…

That moment when the guy puts his weight back on his snapped leg…



I strongly advise people not to watch the footage after the kick when he puts weight on his right leg. At least it’s not a compound fracture - small mercies.

Milker beat me to the punch.

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Shitty deal, especially after that Australian kid had to stop fighting after losing his leg in the fight before.

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That thing turned into over cooked spaghetti.

It’s incredible that the bones didn’t break the skin. I guess that must be because his legs are so muscular.

I had a motorcycle accident when I was 17. Knocked over a concrete lamppost. The tibia and fibula were both snapped in half and their jagged edges jutted out of my calf. If only I’d known, I would have worked out more beforehand and wouldn’t have these unsightly scars.

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Infection is the bigger worry.

That just sounds nasty. You should make up a cooler story involving a bear you had to kill or something.

There are no bears in Africa, mate.