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i got the fox + app. the stream was great, that was the only thing i was worried about. gonna be nice not have to hunt for a torrent anymore! not to mention watching live so i don’t need to worry about avoiding spoilers every time.

yea kinda crappy card though. i didn’t find out whittaker was out until i was watching it. spent most of the time tidying my flat. main event was hype though.

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Right ? Stream is great and casts to TV perfectly

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Fight Night 146 on now.


Hope it’s on MOD211 or might hit Brass Monkey.


You tried fox+ yet ?

Next weekend “THE ROSE!!!”. Can’t wait.



I’m getting this message. Hilarious. “Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?”

Man, I need to turn up my hearing aid. All this time I thought Cormier was shouting “THE ROSE!”.

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Anyone planning on going to UFC in Singapore (Oct 26th) or S.Korea (Dec 21st)?
I am going to go to both.

China’s Weili Zhang knocks out UFC Strawweight champion Jessica Andrade in 42 seconds.

Can’t wait to see the replay.

Replay on right now MOD channel 211.

Jon Jones Dominick Reyes main card Sunday morning Taiwan time.

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I think Jones will win pretty easily.

Bones retains title in a unanimous decision

Jones gets slept in the first round…and then I wake up.

Honestly Doninick needs to just go for broke. He will never outpoint Jones.

Boy the universe really wants me to make sports betting a career. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Anyone watch Jones versus Reyes? Who did you have winning ?

Reyes 3-2

Jones 3…2