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UFC 228 Sunday 9/9 10:00 Taipei time.

my top bet is Carla Esparza beating Tatiana Suarez. Suarez is a beast wrestler and looked good against average opposition, but she is overvalued against a crafty vet like Esparza

Replay right now MOD ch211


UFC 231 on live feed brass monkey now. Free.

First fight of the night was really good.

And a live TV boxing match in the back room.

Jon Jones had a trace amount of steroids from a USADA test administered on december 9th and the NSAC would not sanction his licence for the fight.

UFC has moved the entire event to L.A. at The Forum in Inglewood lol, because California granted Jones a licence to fight.

It’s all about the money

And they will screw over everyone buying flights into Vegas and hotels out of their money.

Gotta milk that cash cow once every two years. No matter whut.

Fucking joke

Given Jones’ history with failed drug tests, the news prompted plenty of skepticism throughout the UFC and the MMA community. Gustafsson took to Twitter to deliver his own message to Jones.

“Now we all understand why you didn’t take the [VADA] test,” Gustafsson wrote. “[You] can be on rocket fuel, [I’m] still gonna finish [you] Jon!”

Read more at http://www.sherdog.com/news/news/Alexander-Gustafsson-to-Jon-Jones-You-Can-Be-on-Rocket-Fuel-and-Ill-Still-Finish-You-147469#zeSiUlMmlHxHuvvG.99

Nice. I agree. Jones can not hang without the juice.

I don’t know anything about doping tests, but how the hell does a steroid stay in your system 18 months after taking it?

He would still have those incredible skills without juice, just less endurance and a little less strength. No, amount of juicing will turn a normal man into John Jones the sad thing is we will never know how he would have performed if clean. The same is the case with Anderson Silva.

Jones def has athleticism in his family, his brothers play in the NFL.

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Jones’ fight with OSP was off the juice. He was terrible.

We’ll see. I’m just not a fan of the eye pokes, front kicks to the knee, hit and runs, drugs, and sh8tty attitude,

I agree with you as I’m not his fan, just saying juice is not going to turn anyone into Jon Jones. Anyone in the UFC is basically an elite fighter on or off Juice. Sure the juice helps however his style and strategy is elite. Roids no doubt helped Anderson Silva too, until it made his bones too brittle.
Those front kicks to the knee he adopted from JKD. Very useful, I used them when I fought full contact about 25 years ago. Especially useful against people who stand in front of you in a karate type stance with a lot of their weight loaded on the front leg.

11:00 local start fight card UFC 232 Jon Joness and Alexander Gustafsson.

I’m watching at home on MOD channel 211 Fox Sports 3 HD. Main introductions and talk in English but Chinese language commentators.

Thanks for that, looks like it might actually start sometime in the next hour or so (j/k).

Alabama was up 28-0 on Oklahoma by the end of the first quarter over on ESPN :unamused: , so bye bye CFP semi-final #2, hello UFC.

UFC 234 from yesterday replay now MOD channel 211.


Weak main card, a lot of the fights were not competitive.

That aussie female fighter got DOMINATED, the co-main I felt bad for the guy who got subbed. Stylebender was never in any trouble at all. That card really needed a title fight.

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