Mask Hacks and Tips

Thought it would be helpful to open a thread about anything from extending the life of a mask to hacks on ways to wear them more comfortably.

Found this hack for converting a normal surgical mask to a more N95 type fit with better seal and pocket in front of your nose and mouth so the mask doesn’t rub against them. It really works! No air is going in or out from the sides anymore!


Nice hack!
But the link isn’t working anymore…

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Thanks for letting me know. Fixed it.

No worries. But that’s the problem with Facebook videos. It will stop working again after a few hours…

I wonder if that’s the way these masks were meant to be worn. To bad there are no instructions provided with the masks (at least not the ones Ive purchased).


I downloaded the video (ripped it from Facebook), but Forumosa won’t allow me to post a downloaded video.

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Yep. Ideally, there should be a YouTube version somewhere…

Just created my own YouTube link. Thanks.

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Here’s another hack / tip if your glasses fog up.

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I’ve tried these. Didn’t work.
Maybe because I don’t have an Asian face…

Did you try the first tip I posted? Did it work for you?

Not yet. But I will.

Myself and the wife have a good hack. We have some really crappy one ply masks from Indonesia which we love wearing as it gets hotter. :grin:
Surgical masks are good for actual epidemics.

I have those crappy ones, too, but from Hong Kong. And they were relatively expensive. NT$1500 for fifty. They work fine for appearance’s sake on the MRT, though.