Masquerading as Me

How strange! Yesterday, I received a PM from a fellow Forumosan referring to our having met at a certain nightspot on a recent weekend. I was thoroughly mystified, as I hadn’t been near any such place and the other details he mentioned made no sense to me to all. When I relayed my puzzlement, he “identified” me further as an ABC who was with a chap named so-and-so. After I assured him that I’m not an ABC and have never heard of that other chap, he explained that he’d met this ABC who identified himself as Omniloquacious when they talked about posting on Forumosa. Weird! :shock:

Why would anyone want to pass himself off as me? Could he have sinister motives, and ought I to be worried about it? Has anyone else had a similar experience of having your online identity "“borrowed”? And have any of you others ever met anyone purporting to be me?

Never met you or that other you, but perhaps it’s just a sign of you being famous … :wink:

A kind of similar experience.

Some girl has called me twice now, and may have been behind a lot of calls my wife took and got hung up on. She says, in an obviously non-native voice, “Hi Brian, this is Sarah, what are you doing?”, she brushed aside questions about who she is, and how does she no me. Said we met at a party. All complete bullshit, so I hung up. My only guess is that she got my number off here when I was trying to sell something and rang up to practice English. Or maybe she’s a whore. Who knows. If she calls I’ll ask her (“Are you a whore?”) in Chinese. Maybe that’ll put her off.


At least I should be glad that the Forumosan who thought he’d met me wasn’t accusing me of beating him up or making a pass at his girlfriend.

That would spook me, Omni. I have enough trouble defending my own actions… I certainly hope I haven’t an imposter creating messes for which I have to deny responsibility later.

Who doesn’t want everyone to think they’re Omniloquacious ?

Sounds like you’re being stalked, Bu. That’s a lot creepier than the ABC borrowing my online persona. Harrassed by a psycho xiaojie that you’re sure you’ve never even “known”! :shock: Or maybe it’s someone from the pre-Mrs. Bu distant past that you’ve already forgotten about?

Good point, Big Fluffy. :laughing: Now why didn’t I think of that?

Maybe you have. There could be a whole gang of them out there, working together, impersonating you, me, Bu, Big Fluffy, and all the other Forumosan stalwarts. Perhaps it’s part of a plot by Tealit to discredit us and smear the good name of Forumosa.

I get those mysterious calls every now and then from girls. They are KTV hooker/party girls. I never really went to those sort of places so they got the number some other way. If you just speak english they will look for a girl who speaks english. I just tell them to fuck off which works pretty well!
Sometimes they buy lists of names from phone companies or get the names through other unknown means. It’s not uncommon for them to take your/your friends phone at a special KTV and note down the number when you are not looking. If they rob a phone they may call all the numbers in the phone in turn by just looking at the name title of each number in the phone memory.

But this girl knew my name.

She’s not from my past. I’d recognise the voice (and the name).



Oh, what a straight line… :laughing:

Hookers calling you and you are complaining? Huh?

Well, now I’m waiting for the “use your real name” faction to chime in…

I encounter imposters on a daily basis, but don’t be fooled and rest assured, you can not by me and I do not really stink… well not usually.

Chou Do Fu