Master politicians in Italy

After living in Italy for a few months and seeing the EU elections. I have to say, Italian politicians are incredibly ruthless and hilarious.

Mateo Salvini might be up there with trump in playing the political game.

He openly posts pictures of people criticizing him and makes fun of them. Like this. He is complementing the artist lol.

image image

And Italy has 7 million dogs, one of the highest per capita in the world. The love for dogs and pets is real here. I see so many and they’re welcomed to most stores and restaurants. He regularly posts pictures of him with dogs and animals. And ran on tackling animal cruelty.

image image image

Politics is crazy here. This is a country where they elected a guy who controlled 3 of the major media outlets.

My heart breaks for Italy with these losers in power.

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One of the many reasons why well educated Italians simply leave the country for more civilized places like Taiwan!


Remember when Silvio Berlusconi was cheating on his wife with 17 years old prostitutes, simply saying: “I am not a saint, am I? It’s better to be passionate by beautiful girls than be gay”.

That girl is now famous.