Matisse exhibition

Has anyone been to the Matisse show yet? I’m wondering how long the lines are.

I’m going to take Christmas day off work and go see it in the afternoon.

We did not go in, but last weekend we were there and the line was non-existant!

My friend went yesterday; she said there were a LOT of people there, and suggests not going on a weekend if possible.

I went to it

Not bad if you never saw the one at the Georges Pompidou in Paris :sunglasses: .

There are none of his great sculptures and they don’t have any of my favourites (and his most famous work) , those blue and white amorphous paintings he is so well known for. The frenchies don’t send out their best stuff. You’ll realise this when you go into the shop to look at the posters.

Still worth going along but…something different.

Anyone been to the Bienniel at FAM or Tech/No/Zone at MOCA?