Matthew McConaughey’s Own Thread alright alright alright


I’d vote for him, if I were old enough to vote

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Do it.

Lol what a joke.

Like we need another actor going into politics. Hmm, maybe we deserve it.

He spoke to Jordan Peterson once, which I believe means that he has perpetrated grievous harm to people’s lived experiences…or something.

I think actors should stick to acting. Unless they’re not very good at it…like Reagan.

I’ll give Reagan this, he was deeply involved in politics for many years before running for Governor of California. He ran for President with that experience under his belt.

This may also explain the bad acting. He just didn’t put in the necessary time to hone his craft.


I didn’t follow very closely, but Arnie seemed a decent governator, was he not?

Kind of a mixed bag. I don’t think California has ever had a good governor. It’s kind of ungovernable.


I read a biography of Reagan, in which one of his opponents said,
“People say Reagan is dumb. Here’s a guy who was on the football team in college, became a radio host when it was equivalent to being a TV star nowadays, then went to Hollywood and became a movie star, then went into politics and became Governor of California and President of the US- he got everything he ever aimed at, and you don’t do that by being dumb.”


No, definitely not dumb. Although he was moving into Biden territory during his second term.

Like Texas?

Sort of, but with better weather and micro-green salads.


I love them first time voters, I get older and they stay the saaaame age

edit: baw, and of course that’s the first example in the article!

Dude’s a weirdo nutjob. Just what America wants and deserves.

I have a soft soft for independent candidates. Bit tired of both major parties myself. It will be interesting to see if he joins up with the libertarian party.

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that would line up with the accusation that

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I would consider myself a libertarian, although not a hardcore one. Most libertarians I know aren’t the hardcore no taxation and rocket launchers for all kind. They just want very little government government interference and powers.

Can you blame them? I’m a fiscal conservative seeing the so called Conservative party GOP spend like crazy. I’m a social liberal watching the liberal party Dem act totalitarian in social issues.

I think many feel the same way. Recent polls show Americans grow tired of the 2 party system.

But maybe I’m a weird nut job. :man_shrugging: