Max X (on AXN)

11:30-12:30 every Monday night.

Anyone else watch this show?

I just got done laughing so hard I cried. :laughing: :cry: :laughing:

If you don’t like watching people doing (sometimes wild and crazy, sometimes) stupid things and getting hurt, then it’s probably not the show for you. But if you do. :beer:

it’s still on now…

I’ve been an avid fan of it since I was back in the U.S. Great stuff. I think it strikes a chord with me because many of my buds back home do that kind of crap and are always getting themselves injured. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do watch it often, too. Not that I actually reserver my time for it but when zapping I usually end up there as there doesn’t seem to be anything of interest on the other channels at the same time.
Sometimes I feel shocked however, either about people’s stupidity or the seriousness of injuries they sustain. Often it’s funny, in particular when nobody get’s really hurt, but sometimes it’s not.