Maybe 5 best restaurants for vegetarians and vegans in Taipei

Glad to see Vege Creek on the list.

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Any in KHH please?

Some of these are chains. Google map it.

Thanks :blush:

I’ve heard that vegetarians and vegans are quite tasty. I’ll have to check one of these restaurants out. :slight_smile:

Tasty but not much meat on the bone.

Maybe just use them for soup?

Thanks for sharing.

Any in KHH please?

For those in Xindian, this one is really good:

Some of these are chains. Google map it.


Actually, it appears they have a Loving Hut.


Of course, each branch of the restaurant is vastly difference though they are consistently fairly good.

I don’t remember that many in KHH - I remember eating in a department store and a lot of buffets. If you find something, post it here.

Thanks. Oops, I forgot I asked already. LOL

I’m no vegan but I’m not sure I’d trust the advice of a guy with friggin hot dogs in his avvie.

Just sayin

Yeah, and people who use a picture of a skunk are probably responsible.

I hear Mia Cucina is pretty good.

A few locations around the city.

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Mia Cucina and Herban are, by far, the best places to go if you want to have vegan food but have non-vegetarian friends you want to take out.

It really is a nice trend, having places that are simply good places that happen to be vegetarian as opposed to places with no redeeming qualities other than the ‘vegan’ name on their door. Really, a lot of the recent ‘vegan’ places in Taiwan are crap.

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