Mayweather vs. McGregor Aug 26


Yea, the cash is going to be hitting his bank account pretty hard.


Well on paper it is supposed to be (much) easier than against Pacquiao, so…


It’s a risk watching the fight. For the Mayweather v Pacquiao, tried loads of bars, On tap, Brass Monkey, couldn’t get in . Then Whalens, shitty stream, ended up watching the fight outside on the street with about 12 other people huddled around a dude’s phone. Serious anti-climax, as was the fight. Not sure where I will watch the McGregor fight.


Hi, Tango, If you want to watch fight in Taiwan or even from any other country so can watch through Showtime PPV similar to that previous fight of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao or if in your country due to geo-restriction you cannot access the US based site then you need a good VPN connection to access it from there. Since VPN will mask your IP and you can easily access the US based sites from there and even Showtime. For credible and reliable options of McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Full Fight Check out this.

I hope this will help you out.


If you have a VPN it would be silly to pay for the Showtime feed by the way. The UK Sky TV official feed will be 20 pounds or 26 USD.


Same, I ended up watching the first 4 rounds in Beer on Cheese on someones phone through Periscope. The bar got a bad feed that kept failing.


Looks like there will be no legal way to buy the fight in Taiwan.

The best method outside of illegal streaming seems toe buying the fight from China and using a VPN. Nobody knows which channel with show it yet though. Probably need WeChat Pay to buy the fight


what time will it be shown taiwan time?


Undercard will start at 9am. Main fight would be 1.5 hours later I guess


McGregor has a lot on his side. Size, power, youth, southpaw stance and being from an MMA background means Mayweather wouldn’t of fought anyone like him before. McGregor’s movement is very deceiving and he can cover distance very well.

The thing is, yes Mayweather is the best defensive boxer in the history of the sport, and if it goes to round 6, 7, 8 -12, he will probably figure out McGregor and be able to win a decision.

Will Mayweather knock out McGregor…never. Can McGregor knock out Mayweather…hell yes.

We will see what happens, on paper it goes to Mayweather, but McGregor has a punchers chance for sure!

I will prob bet 1000nt on McGregor to win. Why not.


$99 PPV lol


Eddy’s is showing the fight live. Still some seats available.


doesn’t seem like a very hype hour. i will be watching it, non live from the comfort of my home. the only problem will be avoiding the results until i can get to watch it. avoiding all internet! i managed to do with with jon jones cormier 2 so its possible.


Good news fight fans. Eleven Sports have exclusive rights to the fight and you can buy for a bargain price of 199ntd
Compared to 99usd stateside


Link not working for me.


How bout this one


Yup. Thanks.


Anybody know anywhere in Tainan to watch this?


Eleven sports is dog shit stream will prob freeze


Just ordered it. 20+ guys counting on me to come through. If it works flawlessly, @Whalen owes you a beer.