Mayweather vs. McGregor Aug 26


Where in Taiwan can you watch the fight?


+1 would like to know in Kaohsiung…


In Taipei? … On Tap, Brass Monkey.


Mayweather :sleeping:


Yep, Mayweather is going to get some hits and in some places from directions that he’s never felt before.


I was checking the odds and he is still a big favorite, 1.20 vs 5.8 for McGregor (for those who understand decimal odds).


Anyway yeah hoping for a McGregor win!


Mayweather is going to dance around and hide from punches like he has done in all his recent fights. McGregor, unless directed differently, will chase him down


Mayweather is going to dance around and hide from punches like he has done in all his recent fights.

Yep, that’s why he bores me to death :tired_face:


[quote="semmanuel; “Mayweather is going to dance around and hide from punches…” Yeah, mate. It’s called self defence, an integral and skillful part of boxing. McGregor doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. How can he possibly do what Corrales, Castillo, Gatti (my all-time favourite fighter), De La Hoya, Marquez, Mosley, Cotto, Pacquiao, Alvarez and Maidana all world champions, failed to do? Dream on.


McGregor is an amazing mixed martial artist. And yes, boxing is a part of mixed martial arts. But he is up against someone with 49 consecutive victories.

And even if you think he’s showing amazing boxing in MMA - that doesn’t mean much. MMA boxing is completely different from boxing. Different gloves, different stances, different concerns (does this put me in a good position to kick/defend a take down?) and different rules (MMA has spinning backfists, boxers don’t need to worry about the clinch).

McGregor is going to lose, and badly. I don’t see how a former amateur boxer making his professional debut after a long stint at MMA can do anything against the greatest professional boxer alive.


the best defensive boxer of all time VS an amateur boxer.
pro boxer have all difficulties on earth to touch ‘‘Money’’ –
but again mc gregor is very unorthodox…
gonna be a beautiful circus.

sad thing: traveling to Germany that day :sob:


Just watch the first round GIF later.


Won’t even take long to load!


My prediction:

Fight will be a little boring. McGregor will do better than expected and win a couple of rounds, but otherwise Mayweather will piece him up for 12 rounds. People will be upset that it went to a decision. Normal Floyd fight.

The event will be fun though. All the celebrities and entrances. Bars will be packed and atmosphere will be good.

All those bore-bores poo-pooing it and refusing to watch will miss out.


Is there anyway to buy the fight in Taiwan? Imagine bars will show it, but could be a letdown if they cant get a proper, stable, legal feed to show. Could use a VPN and buy from elsewhere, but thats risky.


Search Facebook “mayweather Mcgregor Taipei (or Taiwan)” which shows quite a few bars showing the fight. I’ll probably hit a pub to watch. Brass Monkey usually shows top events like this but I haven’t seen any information.


the old man is ready


Checked Taiwanese forums and they said Brass Monkey is sold out. The Brass Monkey Facebook page says they are not even sure how they will get the feed, but are looking for a secure way.


Now I want a live feed of the brawl that will inevitably happen!
That’s some marketing mastermind!