Mazu/馬祖 Accommodation

Shout for help to Formuosans: am planning a weekend trip to Matsu Isles over the Tomb Sweeping holiday. Can anyone recommend accommodation? Or if not that, then from where we should steer clear. Thanks!

Mazu’s Qinbi Village (芹壁) on Beigan island is supposed to be the place to stay. Several friends have stayed as the Minsu there and loved it.

Several years ago when my wife and I stayed in Qinbi, the person who ran those places and had fixed them up initially was worried that he would lose the right to operate them and that they would be treated less than well under new management.

But if it’s still as it was, I can certainly recommend it. Simple and rustic in a good way. Just like in the photos: stone and wood. The sound of the surf, ah.

thanks for the advice, Feiren and Cranky.

My favorite place some years ago, located on Nangan: Coast of the Dawn. Ask to stay on the 2nd floor (upper level) for the best view. You can walk down the hill and explore one of the tunnels (turn left when you enter the township and left again, through the military car workshop).

There is also a newish hotel Shen Nong which is considered the best hotel on Matsu. Stayed there once and the rooms are indeed nice but the breakfast sucked.

Hi I will recommend in Qinbi Village as well. I need to mention that was in Beigan Island. If you want to catch plan you can arrive in Beigan. But, I need to mention to you if u catch up plan to Nangan then you need to catch boat to Beigan that will cost you $120NT for one way.

Also, If your friends or yourself can read Chinese I will recommend to check this site:

otherwise if you need further informations I will like to help you.

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