McCain's Secret Weapon for Last-Minute Popularity

Word is that McCain is going to boost his popularity by joining all the other Republicans who have endorsed Obama.


He’ll have to prove his loyalty at this late stage. Off with the airhead!


Somewhere there’s a guy sitting in his rocking chair and stroking his weapon, muttering to himself, “Laugh it up, asshats. Laugh it up.”


Pei, pei pei


Gun sales are up this year. They are afraid the, “socialists”, will restrict guns further.

Sigh. Yes, I have to roll my eyes every time my old high-school buddy talks about socialism coming into power in the US and they’ll be herding people into cattle cars soon and all that. I have to ask myself, um, did Clinton herd anyone into cattle cars? Was Bush a beacon of freedom, democracy and the rule of law in US history? Where the F*** have you been for the last two decades?!?

Well, sure enough… McCain eventually promised to support Obama as president.