Meanwhile in Catalonia...

Yes Rowland most of us have Internet access to news. What is the key takeaway? “Meanwhile in Timbuktoo…”

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But many of you need a little help connecting the dots.

You’re welcome.

I may be wrong, but I think RT’s point is that many countries have independence movements, sometimes for very different reasons, and without any comment from you, he doesn’t know what significance this latest development in Europe is supposed to have. Is it supposed to be part of a Brexit-Trumpit wave? Is it supposed to resemble the situation in Taiwan? Etc.

The reasons aren’t all that different, and its unusual to see so many all at once.

Catalan independence is hardly a new idea.


rowland, you should try the Internet sometime. I heard they got a cat that plays the piano.

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“Meanwhile in Catalonia”.

The topic title is as if I was to say “Meanwhile in English”. Weird, isn’t it?

Besides, yes, about 80.000 people gathered to protest against the lack of separation between government and justice in Spain, but last September 11th, more than a million people had another demonstration (for 6 years in a row), and I don’t remember reading anything in the forum.

Oh, well.

This is actually the main reason why the EU weren’t going to allow Scotland to stay in the EU if they left the UK, and why they arent going to let Scotland stay in the EU now that they have chose to stay in the UK. Poor Scotland. The Spanish will veto it because of the precedent it gives Spanish separatists.

Don’t want to set a precedent for self determination now, do we? The commoners can’t be trusted with freedom.

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The American Revolution was also illegal.

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The death of the pretense of democracy:

It’s usually good news when an illusion dies. Although to those who believed in the illusion, it looks like bad news.

It’s inappropriate to compare the relationship between Catalonia and Spain with the relationship between Taiwan(ROC) and China(PRC).
It’s different.
Catalonia is indeed a part of Spain, at least for now. Catalonians hold the passport of Spain.
Taiwan(ROC) is not a part of China(PRC). Taiwanese hold the passport of ROC, not PRC.


A nation-state is a political construct. Nowhere is a part of anywhere except in people’s minds.

Atoms and the Void - and the endless struggle for dominance that is life.

Repression is repression.

Unlike Quebec succession (which almost won in the mid 90s), which economically was essentially a have-not entity wanting to leave a richer entity, this referendum is about a richer entity wanting to leave a poorer nation that depends on its richer regions.

I can see why Madrid is exerting its power here.

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Meanwhile, the US can’t manage to get rid of Puerto Rico.

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Canada is a better country to migrate to, compared to the U.S.
Canada keeps their French-speaking zone untouched, which I think is a symbol of true multiculturalism.
Imagine something like a Spanish-speaking zone or Chinese-speaking zone in the U.S., can you imagine how many people are going to make a fuss about it?

Isn`t that California, especially in the services and food working professions?:joy:

Refresh my memory: when was the last time you tried?

Anyway, when California has the same kind of referendum, I trust you’ll be cheering them too. :slight_smile:

Are you not aware that these things already exist?

They’re called ethnic neighborhoods.