Meanwhile in Catalonia...


The Splittists who are forcing WW1 types of nationalism and want to break up the miracle that Franco, Opus Dei and the late Duke Suarez created. And for that threat to Spain, they need to be reigned in. They need to be bootfucked by the state.

Viva Cristo Rey motherfuckers!!


All this huffing and puffing and I’m just sitting here wondering when are we going to be able to apply for the very first Catalan tourist visas.


Every single point you are making is biased to one sides media sources. 'interestingly enough what most people say…'is the justification to go to one set of opinions. It’s all seen through one slant.
Of course that’s a general problem.with debating politics or news affairs. People make up.their mind first then go looking for the ‘evidence’ to back it up.

What most people say is often dumb shit (I’m channeling Rowland here…hit to my ego :slight_smile:).

The constant use of the word ‘sedition’ is pretty interesting to me, I don’t think I’ve seen it used much in modern days.


You are supposedly talking about your fellow citizens.
Not very funny.

One one side you rail against them for seeking independence.
On the other you want to chuck them out of their own land.
Would you say it to their face?

That’s pretty weird and petty.


You hear that, folks? Rowland wants us all to boycott the Trump brand (or be unwise). :money_mouth_face:

Did he say that?


Yeah he said he welcomed them to have their diaspora and another few posters were hoping for refugees.
Pretty snide and insulting remarks given the lack of Catalans here to give input on their behalf.

Not for the first time you picked out the tree from the wood.


I don’t read you’re free to leave as you must leave, but I’m not Jesus, so I’ll let him answer. :idunno:


Well you said it to me before so you should recognise passive aggression when it pops up. :).


Different context, mate. And I really would miss you. :sob: :heart:


Where do I sign up for the Trump Brigade?



Will come later to answer some of the points made… but now I come to think that I said I wouldn’t reply people trolling or making very silly statements.

I have also said countless times in the forum that I would write something “later”, and “later” never came…


You know what to mock on someone is? The pro independence movement is regarded for being a bunch of professional whiners. The nationalists have claims that make you think of the Jews claiming to be the chosen people. They also pretend that what happened on 1’O was pretty much a massacre (they count 900 wounded but funnily enough there were only 2 people at the hospital… and one of them as a result of a heart attack suffered :roll_eyes: ).

As a result of this, a joke about a diaspora is a pretty obvious one, but I guess that if you bought all that bullshit whining campaign they’ve been working on, you can´t see that it’s just a joke, a joke that makes a lot of sense.

But again I don’t even know if you are just trolling, because you ask and point out lots of (IMO silly) things, but then you won’t discuss looking at the facts I give you, and you won’t open the links (some in English BTW) that I post here. So genuine interest in this topic? probably not much. Just siding with the assholes that pretend to be just normal people who want to vote but they are killed in the attempt…

I wanted to post this, for it represents very well how their marketing machinery works. An hour or so after a couple of secessionists were arrested during a criminal investigation, the secessionists released this video, in which they tell the World about how much Catalonia is suffering under the fascist government of Spain!

Although I would give her 3 Oscars (best actress, best fiction, and best drama), we are afraid that it was a copy of the following:

But not only that, they used images that were not even from Catalonia:

After watching their video ones feel like to send them humanitarian help boxes with medicine, food and Kleenex,

for one would think of Catalonia being something like this:

And I’m sure that some of you will buy that crap actually. You, indeed, would believe also what Junqueras tells his sheeps: “companies are leaving Catalonia because the police beats citizens”. Yeah, sure, that’s exactly what companies say… they don’t say anything about the crazy situation created by the local politicians…

I’m going to link this because I think that it’s necessary:

And images of police brutality, there are plenty. Plenty from Catalonia too. From their local police! **

Save Catalonia from the oppressive Catalonia!


Demagogy much?


Tomorrow is the showdown, with Spain trying to enforce the 155 article -fortunately, the Rajoy adminsitration does not have that much suppirt in the Legislatutre, so we’ll see if it is approved or not.


They have the necessary support: PSOE also wants to apply 155. And BTW, the government has told them to desist on the secession, so that conversations can start once we are back to normality. You didn’t hear that? your friends didn’t tell you that the government is giving Puigdemont plenty of opportunities to save his ass? uhm,


Yep. Spain told them to fess up, the Catalonian governor sent a letter to the Agraciado that basically mounted to a middle finger.

So now let’s see what the Legislature says and what happens tomorrow.



It wasn’t a middle finger, it was “hacerse el loco” as usual. Not only that, but another attempt of making Spain look like a fascist state that doesn’t want to “talk”. Basically they were asked to say clearly whether or not they declared the independence (they did), and Puigdemont replied with a letter about negotiating and shit, and saying that it was in “pause”, waiting for dialogue (what I expected). Then the government said that that wasn’t a proper answer and that the question was very clear. Indeed, the situation is grotesque:

“No one ever had it so easy for avoiding the Constitution to be applied”.

The government saying that it’s easy for Puigdemont to avoid what the Constitution says that needs to be done!

Obviously this situation divides people: some want 155 to be applied (why shouldn’t justice act? can I do whatever I want if I’m a politician?) and some others are concerned about the results of applying it. Also, some people think that 155 is what needs to be done having reached this point, but don’t think that the situation is going to be solved just after that.

A few days after that Puigdemont has come to say that it was never declared (some people from his own party said that of course it had been declared xD), but he threats with “activating” it if the government doesn’t “negotiate”.

So basically the secessionists want the independence but they are open to negotiate the “how”. LOL.

This is funny because so far they have ZERO international support and if the very unlikely case that they were an independent republic as they want, they would need Spain to accept them in EU and to give them favourable trade agreements; otherwise they would be doomed, as they have been told from Europe countless times. So they are saying their people “hey, everything will be alright as an independent country, because we will negotiate with Spain and with Europe, we will be friends!”

My ass.



Part two:


Jeus, with that barrage of stuff, you are doing exactly the same as the Spanish Administration: turning people’s wills against Spain and pro Cataluña.

Me explico: there is a certain level of discourse where it crosses the line. If teh catalans are being tricked by power hungry manipulators, then the response should target those, not the general public. However, teh discourse in media is against the citizenshop, the core of the institutions that define Cataluña. I mean they are using a bazooka agiants a mosquito, and they are shooting against a tank of gas. Or giving more fuel to the other side to go on instead of a rope to hang themselves.

We have seen this kind of behaviour from neo revolutionaries in Latin America to teh Palestinian governemnt. they like the rio revuleto, the conflict gioves them power, they can keep on and on in power, take teh best part of funds and spoils. Instead of going with it, feeding it, the Spanish governemt should be a bit wiser. Right now, they arenot only playing into these Cataln governor’s hands, but amplifying the effects. They can blame Cataluña sure, but does that solve teh conflict?How are they going to solve the issue? And now that they have turned Spanish society against Cataluña, what are they going to do to mantain unity and cohesion? Most Catalans wanted it before, as soon as they touch their institutions that is going to fade. What is the next step?


As I was reading you I was nodding in disagreement but thinking to reply you point by point. However when I run into this I thought that enough was enough: I’m not wasting time, you can read the media and what the government says, instead of reading what your separatist friends say that the media says.

I can see that the link read counts are pretty low, which means that they are not read or just by one or two people. Read the news, check the videos, and then you can tell me what you think.