Meanwhile in Hong Kong

I call out the bullshit. I don’t say things have gotten better when in fact they got worse this year.


On a forum that no government official besides Audrey reads. Wow… So brave of you.

Things have gotten better on average doesn’t mean that mistakes don’t happen. Read your posts. Why would any government official want to listen to them?

Why do you take things so personally ?
I said I don’t care about this government I mean it.
So what. What’s the skin off your nose ?

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Because your post was made personal and it’s an insult to the work I and many others have done and continue to do.

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Dont accuse me of sulking and whining then.:nerd_face:

You weren’t accused of sulking until you made it personal. It was just thrown back.

And this is one big sulkfest.

Truthfest. Look at the poll results.

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Split down the middle. Have you actually helped anyone? Do you think sitting there and whining helps?

I have helped people.

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So the fuck what? Again, has the spite helped you? Has the spite helped foreigners?

Has your spiteful posts helped anyone’s lives improve?

I don’t have time for spite. I have time for work to improve the lives of foreigners. I do so with kindness. With respect. With love. With understanding.

Not with spiteful ‘fine, dont wanna help me i wont help you’ posts.

You need to control those emotions.

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Have you helped a single person with the spite? Yes or no.

I said I don’t care about the government. Beyond that it’s none of your business what I have done or not done. You are coming off kind of loopy right now.

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If you choose not to answer, I will assume no. But your encouragement of other people to behave in a spiteful way towards Taiwan is not helping, It’s a hindrance to the work we do. If you cared this much about migrant workers, you’d be at me trying to help all you can, not sitting there encouraging others to behave similarly.

I’m not asking what you are and are not doing. I’m only asking if these spiteful posts have helped any foreigners’ lives improve.

I see you hate the truth. Shining a light on mistreatment…You don’t like it.

The truth is, spiteful behaviour does not help the cause. It actively hinders it.

Back up your claims. Has such behaviour helped anyone improve their lives in Taiwan?

Since this is an edit, you force me to edit my posts.

Why would I dislike shining a light on mistreatment? Have you actually read my posts?

I said I literally dedicate my time, energy and money to helping foreigners and communicating to the government. Is that hard to understand?

A person that actively goes out of his way to help foreigners and communicate to the government for improvements is loopy? Should I be happy that you complain about the government’s mistreatment yet you do things that attain the exact opposite result and hurting our work?

Should I be happy that you’re hurting our work?

Back up your claims.

How is exposing the true situation hurting your work ?
The people who have been hurting this year are migrant workers and the central government seemed to condone the local government policies, as workers have been kept under harsh restrictions throughout most of the year.


I didn’t say exposing the situation is hurting our work. I said the spiteful posts and encouragement of spiteful behaviour is hurting our work.

Exposing is good! But it’s how we behave afterwards. That topic is an example of what not to do.

Like I said, I choose to continue to press the government, but behave with kindness, love, and respect because you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. I want things to continue getting better and I am working to do so. But spite isn’t the answer.

You’re not reading my posts. When I press for answers, I receive deflection, accusation of emotional instability and character attacks.

Read my posts carefully. It’s true I am passionate about this because I want foreigners to have better protections of their rights.

If I want something from someone else. Does such kind of behaviour and attitude convince ANYONE? I don’t know a single person that would have a change of heart because I turned my back on them.

Wow I head off to some meetings and I come back to . . . this.

Folks, the sun is shining, the weekend is coming, and Taiwan is finally awash in vaccines. Enjoy the small victories now and work toward a better future later. :slightly_smiling_face:


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What is the status of Hong Kong? The PRC claims it- does the ROC recognise it as part of China, and therefore as part of the ROC?