Meanwhile in Ireland

It’s a MSM, blue check mark goons and swamp Marxists trick to silence those that oppose tyranny and control or their agenda. The names they use mean nothing to those that get called them now.
The leftists in Ireland opposed an anti-pedo march a few months ago. Says it all.

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Now I’m imagining someone organising a pro-pedo march.

In the UK, these people are also very likely to:

  • believe in conspiracy nonsense like 5G masts
  • support Brexit & Trump
  • have voted Conservative last election.

They sound like Hitler.

There could be something in that. But that probably just makes them people who didn’t get much out of high school and read The Sun (if they can read). Not “far right” as such. Today’s Conservative Party is about as left-leaning as Labour used to be in 1970.

Some of the more vocal ones are members of right wing parties or groups, but generally, yes they are mostly just poorly educated numpties who believe in silly conspiracy nonsense which are often popular with far left/right sorts - Bill Gates, Soros, truther conspiracy gibberish types.

Tell that to the coffin manufacturers.


In general. People don’t usually die multiple times.

They do in the Philippines. Employees here can take several days off every year for grandmother’s funeral.

The leftists oppose a march against the Catholic Church?


Touché. :rofl:

You don’t think that moisture comes out of your mouth just when you’re breathing?
You don’t think that stopping that moisture near your face instead of letting it fly across the room can help reduce the spread of an infectious disease?
Serious questions. I have no understanding of what’s going on inside the head of the anti-mask brigade.

the second last person who shouldn’t talk about fact-checking is you, 'member? no more fact-checkers anyways according to you.

When you’ve lost the writers of protest songs…

when you don’t know anything about the eu and europe…

Well, Eric Clapton supported the National Front: “Hey, I like black people- I stole some of my best music from them.”
And when did Van Morrison write protest songs? What did he protest- people moving while they sang?

Just recently. I think the article mentioned that.