Meanwhile in South Korea


Meanwhile in Rowland’s head…the Korean president scandal has some nefarious link to global insurrection

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It’s a vast right wing conspiracy.

There are limits to what they can get away with.

Biden Admin botched exit destabilizes world alliances. Global fallout continues…

We have focused on Taiwan and Ukraine implications but forgot to mention South Korea, who are also now questioning what would happen - would the Biden administration abandon South Korea like they abandoned Afghanistan?

Some say South Korea needs to take full control ASAP, cannot rely on US initially…

Others say “South Korea is not Kabul”

Wow. If you’re familiar with South Korea & Japan relations, this is significant


Well, from what I’ve seen on Netflix, if South Korea resolves its plethora of exceedingly-rare and incurable health conditions which makes what would be a five minute conversation into a 16-part limited series, then it might improve the birth rate :crazy_face: