Meat Smoker in Chinese?


Hi, I’m looking to source a ‘meat smoker’ in Taiwan and I’m having a ton of trouble finding the correct Chinese word for it. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks




Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking for the word for meat smoker / bbq smoker for a long time and I’ve come up with this: ‘barrel smoker’ 煙燻桶

Can anyone recommend something more generic to describe a meat smoker?

I’m basically trying trying to find an ‘off the shelf’ item that I can purchase that will allow me to smoke meat here in Taiwan. The kind of bullet / barrel / torpedo smoker that is very common in the US.

It might be useful to use another word besides barrel.

Any help would be swell. Thanks.


Pictures. Just make sure you have a few shots on your phone when you go in to ask.





Got a word suggestion? I’m trying to find one online by the way, not by just walking into a shops.