Meat Store (Italian cold cuts etc.)

@SuiGeneris We do slice our mortadella really thin. But our comes with Pistachio or Black Truffle. We don’t import the plain one. If you have allergies to nuts It’s strongly not recommended.

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Our mortadella is made according the ancient Bologna’s recipe, using only pork meat born, raised and slaughter in Italy. It’s gluten and lactose free.


I’m sure that you will change your mind after trying our traditional Mortadella. It worth it… :wink:


The mortadella is dangerously awesome, thanks @meatstore !



I’ll place an order if I win the lottery… thanks…

You guys have some nice prices on cheese too.

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The is a tiny town in the state I lived called Waldo that was famous for its bologna.

Great stuff.

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Actually I do want to ask about the pork. The price on them is really steep, and like 500% markup compared going to the traditional market. Actually 1000nt would get me about 2.5kg of boston pork butt meat at the market, assuming I come at the worst of time and buy the more expensive verified Taiwanese pork.

What I saw at the traditional markets in Taiwan are fly and not refrigerated showcases. no wonder why prices are 500% cheaper.
We are selling Certified Natural Taiwan Pork where hogs are feed with a certified vegetarian diet and those are antibiotics free.
Not so sure about the origin of pork from the traditional market… for sure those are Taiwanese hogs but not so sure about the rest.
As I’ve mentioned on a post above, Ferrari and Luxgen are both cars… having both 4 wheels… but the rest… the math make it. :laughing: :red_car: :pig:


Well if it makes you feel any better, the pork is very fresh, slaughtered the morning it went to the market. Besides I wouldn’t be eating pork even moderately raw, I’d cook them all the way.

OMG! You found Waldo! Good job!

Look, the man is trying to run a business. Obviously you are not going to buy from him. Not a problem, this is your life, just like I live my life. But please let the man sell his fine products, which seem to be much appreciated in this community.