Media ignorance/apathy

Two different spellings for the same name, at the top of one article. Still, at least they weren’t meeting somewhere where the BBC could display its ignorance of how things are spelled here.

How can they expect to be taken seriously if they can’t even get the names right? Imagine if they referred to ‘the government in Peking’

Agreed that was pretty bad editing, however, a lot of problems arise from Taiwan people not knowing how to Romanize their names. For example, maybe the reporter asked his translator how to spell that guys name in English and the translator guessed, not knowing the actual way, but being very familiar with the guys name in Chinese characters.

Maybe the lovely pink background in the photo distracted someone.

I don’t really see the problem. It’s more of a courtesy to us that things are even romanized…so what if they can’t get it right…at least they (the Taiwanese/Chinese) don’t have the attitude of “Fuck the ignorant foriegners, if the can’t read it, too bad”

Axiom: Agreed! Said the same thing myself on this forum about the street names.

It’s a courtesy to us that the BBC romanizes Mandarin? :loco: