Medical check for English teachers /HIV/

Thanks for the advise. I do realize that there is a big stigma about the virus, even here in Europe. I will inform them about my condition and will keep an eye on the way they deal with me.


Information about HIV for foreign
visitors and residents in Taiwan

Do you ask them to wear gloves and use new tubing etc?

Yes, always. HIV isnt always the worry, lots of other diseases and infections can happen as well. Hep strains and various bacterial and fungal infections are very common in taiwan. Ive had a few infections from hospitals (bacterial mostly) and so have many others. All around the globe this is a real problem. New gloves and at least a squirt of alcohol should be absolute basic common sense. Even the strictest environmental warrior wont argue this use of synthetics. Only the finance department will…

I will say though. It is fine when i ask them to put on gloves when i donate blood. They are normally quite nice people. When i ask the same in a hospital the needle hurts way more. Some of them actually get offended as if their proffesionalism is being questioned. And although i ask politely, i suppose its obvious their proffessionalism is severly lacking…when i ask for my daughter, the same people become polite again. Its funny.

But do make sure you get them to put gloves on and disinfect. At the very least put a tissue between you and the object used for 2 months.

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Many thanks for that DakenX! Do appreciate it!