Medical check for English teachers /HIV/

Hi guys,

Can anyone share information regarding the tests done for the health check? I am planning to teach English in Taiwan, I am HIV person on medications.
Is HIV test compulsory? I read that it is not since 2015.
I would be grateful for your information.



They don’t test for that.

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Your info is correct. It was legal to test for it in the past, and not legal anymore.


Aren’t blood tests required to get an ARC?

Some countries are excluded from the blood tests.

Some people need a blood test in addition to a health examination for teachers?

Teachers need
Chest X-ray for tuberculosis
Serological test for syphilis
Proof of positive measles and rubella antibody
titers or measles and rubella vaccination certificates

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It was about ARC Resident Visa health test.

If I remember correctly, arc doesn’t require health check but visa, and white collar workers are exempted from health check for visas, am I wrong?

Right about the visa.

When I did the health check for resident visa the form had all sorts of required tests listed.
Some deceases to be checked required a blood test. I didn’t need to do it since Germany was exempted from tests for those deseases.

I checked. applicants of resident visa for employment don’t need health check. Applicants of other resident visas and under 6 or from countries with visa exemption are exempted from health check or many items.

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Thanks a lot guys for the info. It is is still confusing though, I will clarify my situation.
I am British and planning to teach English in Taiwan. As I mentioned before I am HIV positive and on medications. Do they take blood during medical check up? If so, is hiv test included in the medical check? Thanks a lot,

Hi Slawa,

I was told by the school headteacher that I would have to do medical check up once I am in Taiwan. Are you saying that it is not needed for work permit?

Thanks Tando for your info. It looks like hiv test is not included in medical check, am I correct?

though white collar workeres are exempted from health check for visa, teachers need health check for work permit.


@jonmills973 When you do your health check they include a piece of paper with your results stating that a HIV test has not been done yet they recommend you get an HIV test to know your status.

They also say that that Taiwan DOES NOT cover any HIV medication and that the annual cost for HIV meds in Taiwan is (200,000nt or 300,000nt i cant remember but I think it’s 300,000nt) dollars per year.

Thanks a lot for the info Zapman. I will be taking my half a year stock of medicines from the UK.

Cheers for that Zapman. I had mixed information in regards to this issue but now everything is clear to me. Looks like I can teach English over there. Many thanks for your help once again!

Good info, had no idea it was this easy for work visas. When i got married here and changed to that visa they checked everything. Even gave me a squirt up the ass to make me create a sample for parasites. Quite a rude and umcomfortable experience in public.

As a thought though. Im sure you are aware. It would be very respectable to tell the staff when you go to doctors and clinics you are HIV positive. They may very well be rufe about it. But taiwan has a pretty serious lack of diligence problem
So things like bot using gloves, reusing aurgical tubing for wrapping you arm, not cleabing the table between use etc etc is extremely common unfortunately. It would be a shame if your blood accidentally spread to someone else. Not sure about the disease transfer but have seen this lack of professionalism more than 50% of the time i have gone to hospitals here :frowning:

I know its a touchy subject. But just keep in mind the majority here are quite lax and if you dont want to be open about it then try and make an effort to get them to disinfect and wear gloves etc.

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I totally agree with this.