Medical exam at hospital for drivers license

Good evening! I plan to obtain a Taiwan drivers license and have 2 questions:

I am looking for the application form, which is supposed to be on the website: Driver’s license application form (No.21) is available from the Motor Vehicles Office or download from our website

Can anyone help me locate it?

Is there a specific form for the “medical checkup certificate?” (Perhaps the details are on the application form I am looking for :neutral_face:)


If you are not converting your license then, you should just go to Motor Vehicles Office and sign up for drivers license right now. They will give you all the forms.

If you are not converting your license then you have to wait like 4 weeks before you can take your exam. This time is intended for learning the theory and practice driving at the course and can not be skipped.

I already had an European drivers license but wanted to keep it. So I just waited out the time and took the tests.

Thanks, but it seems I do not need to take a test. Just need a medical exam and would like to get the details on the specifics of the exam before I go to the Motor Vehicles Office.

Just a follow up, in case anyone is interested. Getting the license based on reciprocity was easy and done on the spot. The MVO gave me a form for the required medical exam, which was done the same day at the closest hospital at a cost of $200. Back at the MVO, there was no application form needed for the Taiwan license after all; 5 minutes and another $200 later I was good to go. :blue_car:

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Also for future reference, every MVO (that I’ve been to, at least) has a nearby clinic, usually multiple within a few meters of the door, that is there specifically to give the medical exam. No need to make a trip to a hospital.

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@greves Yes, that was the case. It was done at a clinic within a short walk from the MVO. The clinic was attached to a hospital or in the same building or somehow connected. Anyway they had the whole exam stations ready to go; I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

I just found out about the medical exam! I have a fear of needles. Do they need to take a blood test?

No, it’s a very simple exam with an eye test and some tests of motion.

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Hmm I wonder if they could use the information from my recent ARC renewal health check for the driving medical exam? I did have my eyes checked…

No they won’t. Makes sense but Taiwan likes to get everything down on paper so you need to do it separately.

Having said that, it’s a very simple eye and motion test so there’s nothing to be worried about and not a needle in sight.

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Appreciate the confirmation. Curious to see if I can pass their eye exam. I was always barely able to pass DMV eye tests without corrective vision back in the states. :thinking:

I am trying to figure out how to arrange a health check near the Songshan MVO - do I need to make an appointment at one of the clinics nearby or I can just walk in? I am also trying to figure out if I need to have to write in Chinese when I am at the clinic… :thinking:

I went to the dmv first and I think they gave me a paper to give to the hospital. Maybe not. Might have used G translate. But no, you don’t need an appointment and you don’t have to write in Chinese.

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They sent me to a specific hospital right around the corner. They had a special testing facility for this. It was super quick and easy.

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Same! Did they send you to Pojen? Overall my experience ended up being quite painless as well:

  • went to Taipei MVO in Songshan off of Bade road - 2nd floor and turned right to go to drivers license department

  • I had everything ready except health check so staff gave me a blank health check form to bring to Pojen just down the road a bit.

  • Go up to 6th or 7th? floor and get health check / pay fee

  • Went down to 1st floor reception desk to get completed health check validated with a stamp

  • Back to taipei mvo to exchange license. Didnt have a 1 inch picture for card but they had an open photo booth just in the corner for $150

Sadly they kept my US drivers license but I can exchange it back when I need to in future.

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Seems there is some discrepancy in whether they keep the US license

It depends on the state. There’s a link in another thread somewhere to a doc that shows how each state is handled

Are there any specific medical conditions, other than poor eyesight, that can prevent you from getting a license?

Not having arms?
Being a midget?
Having your heart outside your body?
Probably some others