Medical financing for surgery

Asking this on behalf of a friend, her mother who was struck by a car happens to be in the hospital and is in need of surgery rather urgently. She doesn’t quite have the money, and is unable to get help from relatives to pitch in. I’m not entirely familiar with the way health insurance, credit lines and loans work in Taiwan, does anyone have any advice on how to borrow money for surgery in Taiwan? The hospital didn’t seem very helpful either and she claims the banks weren’t very keen on lending the amount of money required which has been frustrating. She claims her medical insurance doesn’t cover this and the person that hit her mother got away and they can’t find him so they have to pay for this all themselves. We’re running out of ideas/options and any help and advice would be greatly appreciated :neutral:

How much does she need to borrow?

If she can come up with collateral, pawn shops might be an option. Is she Taiwanese? What city is she in? How much money is needed? Why won’t the relatives help? Who are you?

Hi guys, thanks for the advice.

I’m not that close to her if you’re wondering who I am, she’s a friend of someone I used to help with their English homework when I was in Taiwan visiting my ex-girlfriend. I spoke to her and told her I’d ask around as during our discussion it was clear I wasn’t familiar with the way the healthcare system works in Taiwan, and I knew there would be a few residents on Forumosa who would know much more about this than I do.

She is Taiwanese and actually works in Hong Kong, she came back to Taipei when her mother got into the car accident, I’ll ask for more exact details of where she is. She needs an additional 16,000 NT and the relatives are refusing to help, I didn’t push too hard asking why but from what I can gather they don’t have a good relationship with their relatives :s