Medical records (how to access)

Hi, is there a way to access your medical records without going to a clinic. My private health insurer wants some extra details on a past (irritatingly minor) condition but I don’t even remember where the clinic was. It was just random clinic I stumbled into when I was wondering around.

I just want to check my medical records, look up the date when I went, and check the medicine I was prescribed.

Check your Medical History with the NHI App全民健保行動快易通/

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AFAIU, you can do it on the NHI website. But you need to register you card first. Which needs some kind of card reader or a digital certificate to complete. You need to apply in person for the digital certificate.

If someone knows of an easier way please reply.

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What medical records can you actually access by this method? I assume it’s just a record of the actual visit, rather than the doctor’s notes, test results, etc.? (I thought you’d need to go to the actual hospital/clinic for those)

TBH, all I need is the date of the visit.