Medical Waste Washed Up on Shore at Keelung Beach

So the other day I went to the beach at Keelung for a dip after work. I got there and noticed quite a lot of garbage had washed up on shore. As I strolled along I was quite disappointed at this, but then I noticed a fucking syringe was washed up on the shore. Also noticed what appeared to be a blood transfusion bag, and possibly another syringe further down on the beach.

I was absolutely disturbed by this, but the more disturbing part was that everyone there was acting as if all the garbage, medical waste included was not a big deal. Everyone was going about doing their normal beach thing this day. I felt compelled to scoop up one syringe with something that I found washed up on the shore and throw it away in some garbage bags further down the beach.

A little further down I noticed a couple that appeared to be taking wedding photographs at the beach. This was also done as if the garbage were not there or not a big deal. Nothing was removed or taken out of the way for this couple’s wedding photos.

It’s just mind blowing for me to see something like this. I am aware of the irony that I really didn’t do much to fix it, but how can people go about and think it’s normal? Where the the EPA on something like this? It’s all just so disturbing to me.

Did you report it to the EPA? Send them photos of it or anything like that?

I was so disturbed and disgusted that the thought to take pictures didn’t cross my mind.

This is the link to the Taiwan EPA.

I’m gonna give them a call next week.

There was some medical garbage on WaiAo beach last weekend too. A couple of syringes and a few blood sample containers (empty), to be precise.

I have just written a message to the EPA with what I saw on Waiao beach last week. Let’s see if that wakes them from their slumber.