Medieval food

Fascinating article. I really enjoyed it.

Agreed. Wikipedia’s featured articles really do showcase the best things that can happen in a collaborative environment - I read them every day.

If it is accurate that is… :s I enjoy reading them, but often when I read about something I know something about, I find errors…makes me wonder about the rest I know nothing about.

I enjoyed this part [quote] In England and the Low Countries, the per capita annual consumption was around 275-300 liters (60-66 gallons), and it was consumed with practically every meal: low alcohol-content beers for breakfast, and stronger ones later in the day.[/quote]


Amazing. You can see why those early traders went to such extreme lengths and how important ship-building became…

That was really interesting. What a grip the church had on people then. I wonder what people will be saying about our cooking and eating habits in a thousand years.

If I ever get to build a house in the mountains, it will be designed around the kitchen and the garden. I definitely want to be able to cook animals on a spit.

Maybe they’ll call it the ‘foolish fast food phase’