Medium Format (120) Film Scanning

Hello folks,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good photo lab in Taipei (or elsewhere in Taiwan, I’d consider posting) that does high quality medium format film scanning? My current lab has a scanner that scans 35mm film at around 4800dpi giving some lovely ~30mp files, but the same scanner is only capable of scanning 120 film at 2400dpi meaning the files are a little lacking given all the detail medium format can provide.

If anyone has any experience scanning with a DSLR/Mirrorless some advice would also be appreciated as I’m afraid what I’m looking for might not exist.

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t shot medium and large format here as i gave away/sold my film cameras before i moved. If your shooting 120 film i would think you are pretty serious about your work, so maybe worth investing in a film scanner. you will get much better results than any store (i found even 10 years ago labs are investing less and less in equipment for film). When i have had any film scanned here i haven’t been impressed with the results but that may be down to taste.

Something like the scanner bellow you can have a bit more control over your images, run multipass scans and output to a lossless file before editing.

There are more expensive models (as with all photography the prices are endless)

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i have the v600 and I don’t consider it hq. I’ve heard the iq can improve shimming the film mounts but I think I never tried it. if interested in buying it please PM me.

i don’t know the quality as i don’t own i only did a quick search for an example, but with proper scanning etiquette it should give you better results than the store.

I never used mounts when scanning with glass, i always got better quality with the film directly on the glass, but make sure all surfaces are cleaned first.
(much easier now we don’t need the oil for drum scanners)

Edit: just to add a link about scanning film

I wish I had one of those Nikon CoolScan 6000 or VI or whatever they were…

Thanks to both of you!

I actually have a V600 I left at my parents house, used to shoot a lot of medium format back there so I could make the most of the resolution. I enjoyed scanning myself but it’s quite time consuming… A Coolscan would definitely be nice!

I might have a look into dslr scanning or sending it to a shop in Japan maybe…

What kinda stuff do you guys shoot?