Medium Term Notes (MTN)

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[quote]Few innovations in the capital markets have been as successful as the MTN. The ever-increasing number of borrowers and investors evidences this success. An MTN’s flexibility to meet the needs of both issuer and investor, the diversity of the notes’ available terms to maturity, special features that protect the investor and increases in the amount of notes outstanding have all contributed to significant growth in this sector of the fixed income marketplace


I have seen some stuff going around the Internet using the term “medium term note” from people trying to raise money.

Has anyone else seen this stuff? I am quite dubious myself but would be interested in the reaction of others

[quote]l Private Placement of the purchase and sale of the Medium Term Note (MTN)
l Unique Product and Services
l Purchasing MTN is the least know unique product to the general public.
l Huge profit can be made at the trading of MTN. The only requirement is that the purchaser and its money are of non-criminal origin.
l What is MTN
l The Instrument are debt obligation of the Top One Hundred (100) World Banks in the form of Medium Term Bank Debentures of 10 years in length. usually offering 7 1/2% interest.This Bank Instrument conform in all respects with the Uniform Customs and practice for Documentary Credits as set forth by the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France (ICC) in the latest edition of the ICC Publication Number 400 (1983 Revision) and the newest implemented ICC Publication 500 (1995 Revision).
l Instrument: Medium Term Notes (MTN