Meeting new dog friends

I have a medium sized dog that’s seven months old I

found him on the street. and me and my gf decided to take him in, he used to be terrified of dogs but now that he’s had the exposure he’s much better. The problem jm facing with him now is that he is a big dog and most dogs at the park we go to are small dogs, and I’m always afraid he will hurt them. Not by biting but by being too rough and toss his weight around (He also kinda likes to punch when he is playing). I was just wondering if anyone else has a medium or large size playful dog that has lots of energy that my dog can meet with and play with. I don’t care Taiwanese or foreigner. He also has never growled or barked at another dog or person before I believe he still has a baby mentality and he thinks he is a small puppy, which is probably why he thinks he can play with them. I live in Taichung in the south district if anyone is interested I put a pic for reference

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Great story! :dog:

Facebook has Taiwan dog clubs that seem popular. Maybe there is one for larger dogs.

I’ve seen dog parks somewhere that have a play are for small dogs and a separate play area for larger dogs. Can’t remember where but think along the river parks.

thanks I’ll be sure to look on Facebook and join some groups