Melt Banana

Anyone going to this? Tomorrow (Saturday) night at 8pm. Seriously can’t wait. The Wall.

Should be a treat…

Bad news I’m afraid… I heard the guitarist got sick so the gig has been postponed until the 13th March.

Those who bought presale tickets (like me!) can get them refunded at Mo!Relax or hopefully wherever else you got 'em.

There will still be something happening at The Wall, with all the acts who were supporting Melt Banana playing, plus it looks like a few more have been added with Ashen (grindcore) and a bunch of DJs (6 or more). Seems pretty mixed but should be lots of fun.

It’s $300 and you get 2 drinks.

Yeah, I just got back from trying to buy my tickets. Bummer, but I’m glad they’re at least coming back in March and not just canceling all together. Should be a great show!

And they’re back again!

Best band ever, seen them a couple of times.

Is it hard to get tickets on the day? I live two hours out of Taipei, are tix gonna be sold out on Sat???

Thanks if you know.