Member of Congress' Pastor Claims to Have Cured Her of COVID Over the Phone

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Maybe Taiwan’s CDC should ring up the pastor until the vaccines arrive.

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Cults should not get tax breaks.

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When does a cult become a religion?

EDIT: Thinking about it, probably after the cult leader dies.

According to Frank Zappa, the only difference between a cult and a religion is real estate

From: When does a cult become a religion? | Notes and Queries | (


I can’t be bothered to list all the imbecile pastors and preachers who don’t believe in masking or social distancing and advocate for their God-given ‘right’ to spread a deadly virus.
We have plenty of these covidiots up in Canada.

They arent any different in my opinion. To.most people the only difference is probably size and acceptance by the majority of the society as “not creepy”.

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