Memory loss

During my school days I rarely had to revise anything I was taught. Once I understood it it was lodged irrevocably in my brain, ready to be regurgitated as required. Well, maybe not irrevocably.

These days my brain barely seems to function. People tell me stuff, and minutes later it’s gone again. Not just names, but arrangements, policies, things to buy, etc. I’ll say something and completely forget I ever said it. And if I get interrupted while doing something I forget to go back to it afterwards.

In part I’m lazy, because I never had to adopt strategies for remembering stuff in the past, so I guess I can do something about that. But what other factors are there?


Any ideas, anyone?

If I don’t post back here within a week, will someone please remind me?


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Memory is the second thing that goes!

Could be all of the above. Do you exercise? Have a good diet? Sleep enough? Are you stressed? Do you read?

Get Mega Memory. No, really, I AM serious.

This according to my download:


You mean this

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