Men urged to check scrotums regularly for changes: doctor

Where to start with this news article. Very useful information but just seems odd to be rolled up as a news story with a bulletin.

  • his girlfriend said his scrotum looked unusual and encouraged him to see a doctor
  • said couples should check their partners body during sexual activity
  • Wu’s girlfriend thought it was unusual that his testicles were different sizes and she also noticed that his posture had changed

At the beginning I thought she had to be really gifted. The I read this:

Doctors removed a 950g tumor from Wu’s scrotum

So there was an elephant in the room scrotum


Could be a whole new business springing up for the barbershop ladies…haircut 250nt, scrotum checking 500nt.

Jesus Christ, a one kg tumor in his scrotum, no wonder his posture had changed. Guy must not be right in the head.

Presumably he was waiting for the other one to kick in. Then big time bragging rights.

1 kg of testicles. He’s got some balls.

For comparison purposes, a liter of water weighs 1 kilogram. What else weighs 1 kilogram? Besides my little brother.

And which weighs more, a 1 kilo tumor or 1 kilo of water?

A kilo of straw shouldn’t be underestimated!

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No one has shared this yet?

I’m finding it hard to believe that the motivation for checking up on a 1kg tumor in his scrotum was his woman noticing it looked unusual. Something in the math is off there.

It is Typo Times.

It appears some Japanese guy reached 7kg:

Very hard to believe. If they’re including the matastasis then surely that could be anywhere.

Maybe it wasn’t one kilo but yi ching

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Yi ching cheka dou shao chian?

Maybe part of it was inside his body


It must not be totally in the scrotum. A pool ball is about 165 grams for comparison

Technically speaking that thing was inside his body for sure.

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Speaking of bizarre stuff, a woman told me the other day that her kid has eyes cancer. Incidentally I need to write a few chapters of my two wheeled knight diary…

That’s one hell of a change!


Ahh! Stop repressing me with your Icon-style pinyin! :runaway:

yijin zhege duoshaoqian?