Meow! Taiwanese politicians catty public remarks

It was reported in yesterdays TT that James Soong made quite a derogatory remark about Annette Lu.

To quote the article:

[quote]Lu said in the statement that when she noticed she had been shot, “my arm touched the lower rim of the jacket worn by the president, who was on my right. I felt his jacket was a bit sticky and wet, so I asked him, Mr. President, you too?’”

Soong later questioned Lu’s statement by saying, "which lady would publicly touch a man’s body on the spot which is about two or three inches below his stomach? How did Annette Lu manage to touch such a sensitive spot?[/quote]
See here for full article: … 2003135801

It seems that high profile politicians can make the cattiest of remarks that would be considered gaffes in the west and, for the most part, get away with them here. This one doesn’t seem to have started much of an uproar but another recent example I would point to is Chen Shiu-bian remarking during one of the presidential debates that he never abused his wife which, while not a direct slug, was an obvious allusion to long-standing rumors about Lien’s wife beating history. These are sorry examples for society (even though I am a Chen supporter I thought it was below him and he instead should have had some party hack float it somewhere), however at the same time they are pure theatre and highly entertaining. Perhaps even more so for foreigners, I was highly embarrassed as an American living here during the Clintongate scandals (more for Ken Starrs antics than Clinton’s zipper maneuvers).

Does anyone else have examples of these cattiesms, past, present or future?

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