Mercury levels from tuna?

How serious is the mercury levels from eating tuna? I enjoy tuna steak. Good protein and I like the taste. The texture is easy to eat. But i worry about mercury levels.

Maybe once a week is ok

This chart is for pregnant ladies though

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It’s not great for you. There are other options. But hey…YOLO.

Would farmed tuna be better?

Where is tuna getting mercury from? The environment or just naturally in their body.

Fish eat fish and take on the accumulated mercury…so eye’m told. Stay away from bigger fishes.

The PCBs, the mercury is absorbed through the food chain, from the phytoplankton, then the fish eating fish. They concentrate it. It’s environmental pollution.

Do you know how much is advisable to eat? I eat salmon and that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

In what way? Have you had your mercury levels tested?

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Idk. I was just warned about tuna.

I believe farmed fish has higher levels of heavy metals. The advice of moderation is probably good; like red wine or eggs (or fat, etc.) a little bit is probably good for you but too much is not.

There are also the humanitarian and environmental reasons to eat less fish.

That’s interesting to hear. I would think the opposite.

I like eating fish, I workout a lot and need the protein. Fish just has a easier texture for me to eat. Steak is expensive, pork is good and not too pricy. Chicken is the cheapest but I get tired of chicken fast.

I could be wrong, went looking for research and couldn’t find anything definitive either way in 2 minutes.

I used to choke down cans of tuna when I worked out, a protein shake of course is good too. But if you like fish, I’d say moderation is the key!

Farmed tuna has been found to have lower mercury levels. But better just to eat fish lower in the food chain in general. Salmon for example is much much better


Even KFC?

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