Mexican food in Hsinchu?


I searched but did not find any information. Does anyone know if there is a good mexican restaurant in Hsinchu. One of my friends say there used to be a Mexican restaurant there before but its closed now. Is there another one? Prefer a website or phone number so I can confirm they’re still open.


Well, it’s not a restaurant, but there’s a nice little place called Taco House near the Hsinchu train station where they serve burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and nachos. All sold from the back of a truck. No place to sit, but there is a 7-11 a few feet away where you can sit inside, eat your meal and watch the language school crowd go by. I had a taco, burrito, and a bowl of nachos the other night for under $200 N.T.

Taco House is located on Dong Men St., #36, extremely close to the Global Village Language Center and the post office (Dongmen Branch). If you arrive by train, walk down Min Dzu Road, then turn right on Dong Men Road.

They’re open Monday to Saturday from 4 to 9:30 p.m. Contact them at 0937-995-100 or 0982-871-388.

And if you can read Chinese, here’s an article in Chinese about Taco House from a May 2009 issue of Liberty Times:


Also, I found a Youtube clip of the two sisters who run Taco House:


This is an really old thread, but just want give it an update for those in Hsinchu. Taco House now is a store and have a couple of tables for you to sit down.

Went to it last night because I’ve been craving Mexican food. The burrito bowl is great. Salsa is great too but no salsa bar. It’s not as great as Baja Fresh or La Salsa (guess now they are the same thing) or Wahoos. But, It’s definitely way better than Taco Bell that’s for sure.