Mexican Food in Taipei

Quick side note: @Leftywang81 If you’re looking for good mexican food, check out Eddy’s Cantina. It was my go-to place for tacos during my stay there.

Eddy’s Cantina is somewhere up in Dansui right? Haha I remember making my way up there once and the one time I’m in the area, they were closed. But I’ll definitely have to check it out sometime. For burritos, I’ve been going to Juanitas and King Burrito in Shilin. Its not real mexican food, more like a Chipotle knockoff, but I personally feel like they are the best things in town so far.

First they were in Danshui, then in Danshui and Tianmu, now just Tianmu. A slightly long walk from Zhishan Station. But do call ahead, especially right now because I believe they close for a while during the summer (they rely a lot on the nearby international schools, and students disappear in the summer).

No. 1, Alley 3, Lane 450, Section 6, Zhōngshān North Rd, Shilin District / 台北市中山北路六段450巷3弄1號

First, Eddie is in Tianmu now.
Second, oh man, try the tamales. Good stuff.

Nothing but good reviews about Eddy’s. I guess I"ll have to bump that one up to the top of my list now. Thanks!

Macho Tacos around sun yat sen mrt and around shida has decent food and 33 nt tacos on Tuesday with actual corn tortillas. Also heard of a place called Juanitas in Xinyi but never been.

Yeah, Eddy’s does nice stuff. I didn’t realise they’d moved to Tianmu - I thought they’d gone for good.

I notice (from the website) their prices seem to have gone up considerably. I assume their Tianmu rent is a lot more than it was in Danshui!

My personal fave for burritos: … 2273521035

This thread on same subject has the latest information on Mexican food as of yesterday. … n#p1630253

++++++1 for carnitas from juanitas!

[quote=“finley”]Yeah, Eddy’s does nice stuff. I didn’t realise they’d moved to Tianmu - I thought they’d gone for good.

I notice (from the website) their prices seem to have gone up considerably. I assume their Tianmu rent is a lot more than it was in Danshui![/quote]

It is a nice and proper restaurant, with a lovely balcony. In Tianmu. By Zhonghsan Road. Close to the American School. Yep.

As requested by Dragonbones…

Where do you get your Mexican food fix in Taipei?

I’ve been here for over 3 1/2 years. I’m from LA so I loves me my Mexican food. Carne asada fries and burritos. Yes, I know Mexican food extends to a larger palette, and far more selections than just nachos burritos and tacos. But when I think of Mexican food, I’m thinking STEAK BURRITO.

Macho Tacos on Yanji street near Sun Yet San MRT exit 2 “used” to be good until they apparently changed management and decided to fuse in some Taiwanese flavor into their dishes. Macho Taco, if you’re reading, swapping out those 3 salsas for “pao-cai” and whatever else you have there was the worst thing you could have done! While I so still appreciate their 33NT Taco Tuesdays, I can no longer refer my friends to Macho Tacos…

JUANITA Burritos & Tacos … 2273521035

I think the owner is from LA, not sure. But the workers all speak perfectly good English. They’ve got a good selection and the price isn’t bad. As always, I stick to the steak burrito and although its not what I’m used to back home, it does the job while I’m here. The burritos are more like a copy Chipotle than a carne asada burrito from King TAco or Albertacos. Some actually prefer the taste of Chipotle over more authentic Mexican hole in the wall joints. For those who aren’t familiar with Chipotle, its a chain that provides a subway-style build your own burrito service where you tell the person making your burrito what you would like and what you dont want. Anyways, a steak burrito minus the guacamole, which is pretty expensive in my opinion, is about 180 NTD or 190 NTD. The good part about Juanitas is they give you a stamp for every 200 NTD you spend and when you collect 10 stamps, you get a free burrito. Or something like that. They are located behind the Zhongxiao Dunhua Sogo in one of those alleys so its relatively close to where I live. Compared to the other place I will mention below, a closer location and a lower price make Juanitas my favorite spot whenever I’m craving a steak burrito.

King Burrito

This place is newer and I believe the owner is also from the States. What stands out about this place is that they have a REAL LIFE Mexican preparing their “organic” ingredients every day. While I have always told my friends that I’ve wanted to smuggle in a few Mexicans and start up my own place, these guys beat me to it. Unfortunately, he is not behind the glass preparing your burrito for you but they have plenty of well trained workers that get the job done. King Burrito, compared to Juanitas, will seem like they have more ingredients and more selection…and they do! One of the main differences is that King Burrito offers a GREEN spinach tortilla as well as the normal flour tortilla where Juanitas only offers the flour. King Burrito’s burritos are also noticeably larger than Juanitas. Normally I will have to eat 2 burritos to be full, or 1 1/2 for a good meal. One full burrito kind of does the job for me from King Burrito. Again, they charge an arm and a leg for the guac, but here is where they lose me. A burrito from King Burrito will run you 300 NTD. That is $10 USD for a burrito. For $10, I can get an order of carne asada super fries, flour tortillas to make 2 full size california burritos and still have enough to order an extra carne asada burrito back home! $10 for a burrito is ridiculous in my opinion. If it were the same as the Mexican spots I’m used to back home, I would gladly overspend and pay the 300 NTD, but its not. Also, they are located in the Shilin night market area, which is kind of far for me. Location, obviously is relative depending on where you live.

Any other places? I only get to go home for 2 weeks every year so I’m always on the look out for places to get my Steak burrito fix! :smiley:

Nope, that’s about it. Sniff, sniff.

There was a taco place in Gongguan. Tried to look for it last weekend. Gone.

The best was the old Juantita at Songshan Road. Also RIP many years ago.

There are a couple of other “Mexican” or at least remotely “Tex Mex” in the Sun Yat-sen area, but I cannot recommend them.

Have you tried Mayan Grill :popcorn: ?

Eddy’s Cantina
Macho Taco

When Macho Tacos introduced their Guabao taco, that was the last straw…

Sadly, I cannot satisfy my fix.

Tago2go which is a very small shop with only basic tacos but tasty near NTU, #10, Lane 76, Sec 3, side street off of Xinsheng Lu.

Omelet To Go, has good burritos even thought not a mexican place. Owners lived in USA for awhile. Behind old Tavern off of Hsinyi.

Mayan Grill, even though recent strange discussion, I will be trying the Hsinyi location soon for my own perspective on that one. The shop on Zhongshan never quite did it for me.

Macho Tacho used to barely do it, but they’ve gone downhill and I can’t even handle the taste or quality anymore, and won’t recommend.

Fiesta Cafeteria, tried but wasn’t worth the trip for me. Tienmu East Road, No.99 , Lane 8.

Dos Chinos in Tunghua night market was limited selection but amazing great taste. Also closed and I wonder what happened to them as they were popular. Juanita’s on Songshan was my place before.

Thanks for the info on two more. I will be try them myself.

Tacos 2 Go I think already went :cry: Dos Chinos way, also RIP. Pity.

Apologies to Eddie as I forgot about it. Real Mexican food cooked by a real Mexican grandma -when his Mom is in town and she makes tamales, mmm. :discodance:

I think Eddie even had horchata for a while and is bring specialty beers, for you guys into that kind of stuff.

Definitively recommend Eddie in Tianmu. Lovely location, nice place to sit outside.

Oh yes, I heard their beef tacos is “da bomb”!!!

They raised the price to… Higher.
When I there now I get the burrito bowl.