Mexican/TexMex restaurant with manly meat portions


So I lived in Texas and Cali for many year and have come to love Mexican and TexMex food. But the the problem I have with the mexican food here is the meat portion is just tiny. I’m a big guy, I train 2-3 hours a day and I need the protein. I tried Macho taco, it’s like there was 3-4 chunks of beef in their tacos. Gave them a bad review and actually they gave me shit for it for calling them out on it. I get maybe locals don’t care much about the meat portions, but for us guys that had some real beefed up steak tacos barritos ects, whats out there?

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It would probably be easier to find a restaurant that sells unicorn steaks seasoned with pixie dust. Unfortunately, you’ve basically got two options: make it yourself, or buy a plane ticket.


perhaps I should open one, it’s like i’m eating a salad whenever I try to eat a taco here. Like 10% meat, 90% veggies.


I had the same experience with Macho tacos. I made some comments and they sent me private rude and disgusting email on this very website. I continue to try them every few months but the food is still not up to western Mexican food expectations. I had high hopes when they first opened in Taipei few years back but the quality went down quickly.

It’s almost impossible to find good Mexican food in Taipei. Every time a good one is opened, it seems to close. I’m guessing that’s because it cost too much to maintain good quality testing Mexican food and because Taiwanese don’t really like true flavorful Mexican food.

It’s the same way with Malaysian food which is one of the most flavorful Foods in the world, Singapore food, and even Thai food where you find some restaurants but not really Thai flavors.


Just order more! If you’re concerned about price, go on Taco Tuesdays when it’s 39NT a taco (excluding fish tacos). Not sure how you can give a restaurant a bad review just because they didn’t give you enough food. Not like they purposely have a rule where men above 6ft aren’t served standard portions. They most likely have an SOP for portions and follow it. However, the restaurant lashing back out at your review is not the best business decision.

You guys can try Twinkeyz Tacos near SYS Memorial Hall. If you’re familiar with the area, it’s on the same side street as Little London. I find their tacos pretty good, but just expensive at 60-70NT a taco.

Nala’s Mexican Food I hear is not too bad and is located right next to Revolver.

If eating out fails, Costco’s huge portions of ground beef would probably satisfy your request for bigger portions. If you don’t have a recipe, ask nicely and maybe hermana @Icon will share her’s with you.

For other options, try the Taiwanese steak places where they serve you egg, noodles and steak on a hot plate. You can consider buffets too.


It’s not that they didn’t give me enough food, the taco had like so little meat, not like the ones I’m used to. It just tasted wrong. All I want is the ration of meat and the other stuff in my tacos to be better. It’s not very macho at all. Macho taco is the caliburger of taco places. Don’t even get me started on Cali burger.


You guys made an opinion about Machos Tacos and they called you out for it? Immature dicks. As long as it was an honest opinion then they should have just taken it into consideration.

Start that texmex restaurant, screw Macho Tacos.


Yeah, you’re kind of missing the point. If you got a cheeseburger where the patty was the size of a NT$50 coin, “Just order another shitty burger!” wouldn’t exactly address the situation.
I’m sure they do have an SOP for portions, probably something along the lines of “Be stingy on the meat and stuff it full of crappy iceberg lettuce”. Like Subway.

Macho Tacos has been stupidly inconsistent for years.


If you open a true Mex restaurant, I will be a royal (but infrequent since living far from Taipei) customer.

By the way, it’s not only Tacos, but “Tortas” and “Pizza” are the must too.

No “Tortas” with poor ingredients can be even “Tortas”.

Probably many can’t even imagine, but “Mexican Pizza” (with “chimichurri”) is one of the best “commercial” pizza in the world without any doubt (even though my “world” is not that extensive).


I think what I meant to say was, that’s just how much meat is in their tacos and there’s not much you can do about it.

You could also put yourself in Machos’ side of the argument, you wouldn’t really feel happy about someone criticizing the way you make or prepare your food, would you? I know I wouldn’t.

I really do not see a point in comparing establishments in Taiwan to those at home. Yes, 99% of the time, it’s not going to taste like home, but at least you have something rather similar to how it’s made at home. Right?

We can probably say the same about Taiwanese style food made overseas. I’m sure a lot of places in LA or SF make a hella good 小吃 or shaved ice, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it’s equal or better than places in Taiwan.


That’s kind of the point of the thread: to ask if there are other options available. Not much harm in asking, in my opinion.

I tend to keep my expectations very low for Mexican food in Taipei, so I’m not so disappointed on the rare occasion that I try some. I prefer to just wait until going back to the US to try Mexican food because it makes the trip home all the more special.


If a personal friend said the food I cook for them was garbage yes I wouldn’t like it. But they are a business establishment trying to gain customers. So wayyy different.


The secret of macho taco is their owner also has money in one of the biggest night clubs in Taipei. So they good reviews from their friends ect. Anyone speak out against them is shunned.

So they get like celebs to come take pictures like far east movement and others. When they probably think it’s terrible as well.


Whoa, Far East Movement is still around? Their name always made me think “Asian Bowel Movement.” “Like a G6” was kind of catchy though. Considering they’re from LA, I definitely can’t seeing them liking Macho Taco. But then again, selling out probably isn’t a foreign concept to them. Taiwan…where mediocre Western music acts come to die. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, Macho Taco sells itself as “Baja-style Fresh Mex,” so if you go there expecting Tex-Mex you’re definitely going to be disappointed. I found their fish tacos barely edible, which is a glowing review by Taiwan Mexican food standards. And I don’t know who’s in charge of training their counter staff, but the service is even worse than their guacamole, and that’s saying something.


Well, I did give some options, but got riled up from other comments :smile:

If you haven’t tried it yet, will wait for your opinion on Twinkeyz, Andrew. It seems to be in the same boat as Machos in terms of reviewers.


Just for a side dish, the nachos at Corner Office were decent.



Yup they got them to go there after they booked them for a show. I know they do it with many other celebs. Locals that don’t know any better gets fooled by this. Good marketing scheme though.


Wow, they even reference “Like a G6.” Guess they had to take one for the team, ha ha. I assume “money in one of the biggest nightclubs in Taipei” means “mob connected.” Maybe that’s where they source their counter staff?


Maybe that’s where they source their meat ! :fearful:


The other other white meat :yum: