Miao Li Living?

What’s Miao Li like? Public schools there are hiring and I might think about the move just so I don’t have to work with Dewey any longer. So, how’s the living up there?

I think Miaoli’s a really overlooked part of Taiwan. By far the most rural part of northern Taiwan. Expect a slow pace of life. Ideally you would want to be in the Sanyi area or, even better yet, up in beautiful Taian Township with the Atayal. Zhuolan also has a real nice slow small town feel to it. It’s a lot like Meinong. Another advantage of Zhuolan is that it is just across the Daan River from Taichung. For housecat, you might be interested to know that one of Taiwan’s best and most innovative alternative schools is near there. Holistic Education School (holistic.so-buy.com/front/bin/home.phtml).

Zhunan on other had is really an extension of Hsinchu. Drab northen Taiwan industrial. The winters in Miaoli will be grey and wet, especially in the coastal areas.

Caveat: I have not lived in Miaoli. I cycle there a lot and visit friends there fairly often.

Miaoli is mainly a quiet rural place interspersed with small towns. For instance Miaoli City is probably the smallest of all the county government cities, not much going on there although it does have a train station on the main line, nice river area and surrounding countryside. Bigger towns would be Toufen and Zhunan. You can live in Miaoli and commute to Taichung/Hsinchu/Taipei for some action on weekends. The best part about Miaoli are the mountains and also the coastal area…as Feiren mentioned…Sanyi, Nanzhuang, Da-an, Taian and their associated valleys. Most people in Miaoli are Hakka so they are quite low key. Just not a lot going on as I said but there is a small foreign (western) commuity there which I observed once in the smoky recesses of a local bar, otherwise I don’t recall seeing any foreigners for months on end (I lived there with the in-laws for 6 months on a rice farm) except for laborers and caregivers. If you lived in Miaoli the best bet is to purchase a car.

Doesn’t sound so bad . . . .

House Cat,
Why not try Taidong County, the Head of English teachers for the county education department is a pretty decent, stand up kind of guy. I haven’t worked for him, but I have met him several times. I know 4 English teachers that work for the public schools, and all of them really enjoy it, and all of them want to renew the contract next year. Hell, even GIT seems to like it.
Taidong is also an excellent place to raise the kitten. My son is about the same age. He is thriving here.

Yeah, I’d try Taidong or Nantou first.

On good authority, it’s too late for Taidong this year. I don’t know. I may just stay here–if anyone every offers me a contract! I’m told, and told again, that my school wants to offer me a job for next year, but haven’t heard directly from them and still haven’t seen the new contract. I’ve moved too much lately. But until I see a contract, I’ll still consider any job as I can’t end up without one.

But one strong reason for leaving this job is having to work through Dewey. They are causing all this delay and insecurity because they don’t have their “stuff” together. I found out–more than five weeks after the fact–that the reason no one ever answered my phone calls or emails any longer was the the guy assigened to me had quit and they had simply not bothered to find someone else for my position. So now they have to play catch up and I firmly believe with all my heart that they tell me one thing and my school something else, and neither knows what anyone else is thinking!

And that’s all beSIDE the fact that they’re rude and disrespectful half the time.

So, anyway, that’s why I’m considering Mioali.

Or maybe Yilan? There is a very cool, well established alternative school in Toucheng. This one is primary and jr. high school. Maybe you could get a job there and house kitten could go there too? jwps.ilc.edu.tw/

Or maybe you could find a job in the Yilan schools? Yilan’s a pretty progressive place in terms of its school system. Renwen (that’s the name of the school) welcome visitors. I suggest you go there, take house kitten, and bring your resume. Even if they don’t have a position, I bet they could refer you to someone in the Yilan public school system who does hire foreigners. They are very nice, dedicated people.

Sorry to hear that HC. I hope for the best for you and the kitten.
Maybe next year you can come to paradise!

Boy, did I miss a lot… housecat is back in Taiwan?! :astonished:

Next thing you’ll tell me Buttercup moved to Croatia and nobody told ME!

Just one thing, it’s bloody cold (~11C) At least right now. :astonished: