Miaoli - Martial Arts

Hi there - I am chasing martial arts training, in Miaoli. Be it mma or kung-fu if anyone can suggest what might be available in the area, it would be very much appreciated.

Hey, sorry I don’t know any good trainers or schools in that area. But you don’t learn MMA. So don’t go to any MMA schools because I guarantee anyone who teaches a MMA class doesn’t know what he’s doing. MMA is multi disciplined martial arts, for example me combining Muay Thai and bjj skills to fight in a fight that allows for both disciplines is MMA. I would suggest picking one discipline. It’s really hard to do two or more. Takes years. Even guys in the UFC can often have terrible striking skills that or terrible ground games. It’s so hard to be good at one discipline, takes ridiculous talent to be good at 2.