Michael Jordan's 3-minute appearance


Netball is basically the same as basketball, except with smaller balls and you can't dribble. Rounders is the same as baseball. Games for kiddies.


For those wanting to know what did happen at the Nike-Jordan in Taiwan fiasco:

Taiwan News - Jason Pan reported what went on at the Saturday show event that had fans bitterly disappointed....

  • the Taipei Times and the China Post did not seem to have a report on it in their Sunday papers

Here is the link, if it's still up



Jordan spends little time with fans in Taipei

2004-05-23 / Taiwan News, Contributing Writer / By Jason Pan

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan took a shortcut in a meet-the-fans session yesterday in Taipei, bitterly disappointing many in the crowd who were also critical of the heavy-handed restrictions imposed by organizers of the event.

Nike's promotional build-up to the former Chicago Bull star's only public event in Taiwan had indicated the former Chicago Bulls point guard would spend about one hour with a group of specially selected fans at Hall Two of the Taipei World Trade Center yesterday afternoon beginning at 3 p.m.

But "His Airness" shot a rare airball, appearing on stage twice for a total of less than two minutes in an otherwise flashy show - reportedly costing NT$10 million to produce - that featured video commercials of Nike merchandise and teenybopper stars performing hip-hop music and break dances.

Amid the hoopla and camera flashes, Jordan first came on stage at around 3:30 p.m. to address the fans for about 90 seconds.

"I'm very happy to have the opportunity to come and visit.... I hope to come back and visit Taiwan again," Jordan said. "I've been inspired by many of you, each and every time I stepped on the basketball court. If I can say one thing to inspire you as athletes, basketball players and people, it's that always pick your dreams, strive to get better and achieve your dreams," he added before leaving the stage.

About ten minutes later, after more hip-hop music and break-dancing, "Air Jordan" re-emerged for about 30 seconds to give high-fives to the performing group members, then promptly left for good.

Many in the audience waited in vain for another appearance by the American basketball legend, and were shocked when the show's organizer suddenly announced at 3:45 p.m. that the show was over, 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

"This is unbelievable. We have been cheated!" said a man surnamed Wang from Taipei. "This is not what the organizers promised. We only saw Jordan for maybe about two minutes and there was no real interaction with the fans," added Wang, who told reporters he had spent more than NT$20,000 buying Jordan endorsed products recently, then had to buy a pass from scalpers for NT$8,000 to gain entry to the event.

An engineer from southern Taiwan named Lai Ing-huei said he came from Kaohsiung with three kids yesterday morning, and was outraged at the organizers for an event that he said lacked substance and style.

"It was not what we had expected. After such a big build-up, it was quite a big letdown for us. The man we came to see was Jordan; he should have been the main feature, but we only saw him for only about 90 seconds in total. Instead we got these entertainers who were dancing like a bunch of monkeys," Lai said.

The Kaohsiung resident, who said he spent NT$12,000 on plane tickets for him and his kids to attend the event questioned the integrity of Jordan's brand.

"The whole show is quite ironic when you see the theme they're trying to promote is 'Excellence.' The event ran counter to Jordan's refusal to quit at the end of games."

But a Nike spokeswoman Chen Wei-yin, said the situation could not be avoided. "Michael Jordan had a tight, busy schedule and we tried to get as much in as possible. We tried to accommodate the fans as much as possible. He had to be at the airport by 5 p.m.," Chen explained.

Not all fans were disappointed. "Finally the hero of our dream was in front of us. The dream has come true, and I hope he will visit Taiwan again," said a fan quoted by a wire agency.

But another fan, a die-hard follower of the Bulls for 20 years, was disappointed with the overall presentation.

"I knew the event was organized to promote Jordan Brand and his Nike products. However, it was not about Jordan. It was show business and mostly fluff," said Hung who told reporters he paid NT$6,000 for the pass through an online auction Web site on Yahoo. Others reportedly paid NT$20,000 to scalpers for passes.

There were a total of about 700 fans at the promotional show yesterday, with passes issued to winners of a Nike sponsored contest and winners of a raffle from among purchasers of Jordan Brand products this past week. They were joined by hundreds of invited guests, VIPs, PR tickets, and members of the media at the event.

Security was tight. Food and drinks, handbags, backpacks and posters were forbidden and use of mobile phones and video cameras was prohibited.

Another Nike spokesman who hosted Jordan's earlier press conference made no apologies to disappointed fans, saying the event was intended to promote Jordan products.

The six-time NBA champion left Taiwan at about 7 p.m. yesterday evening to continue his whirlwind 2004 Asia Tour in Tokyo.


I would like to have seen the crowds. Are these the same people that go around listening to hip-hop and pretending to be black ? Are they called "Chiggers" then, or is it "Tiggers" ? What are they complaining about ? He was here. He was on the, like, same island and everything, man. You would have expected them to have multiple orgasms about that, not blaming him for not going round to their homes and having dinner with them all.

The same stuff in the SCMP in HK at the weekend - complaints that he wasn't hanging around with the fans long enough. That's the way it is here - I saw MC Supernatural in the Core Pacific place here and in 4 hours he was on for about 20 minutes. It's the Taiwanese and HK promoters who won't pay for his time, not Michael Jordan being stingy. He's got a contract, his time is money. If Chen & Wong Promotions won't pay - that's too bad. Pay him enough and he'll spend a week here mingling with the unwashed and kissing babies.


Plus, basketball's just a poofy game for girls anyway -- it's not even a real sport, for heaven's sakes!
Now if it was Eric Cantona coming over to tout football socks or something, that would be a whole 'nother story -- nah, it wouldn't. Pay that kind of money just to LOOK at somebody for fuck's sake? Suckers deserve all they get.


nailed it, alleycat!


Yeah, right, that's why soccer (oops, excuse me, football) players are always flopping around on the field like a big baby everytime someone knocks them down. I'd love to see any soccer (oops, excuse me again, football) player try to mess with Shaquile O'Neal - all 7'1", 340lbs (oops, 215 cm, 154kgs) of him. Ha!

Kicking is for girls!


Don't believe the hype. Nike sucks. Buy Addidas. I'd rather be watching the T-wolves beat the Lakers than pay large amounts to see a star of the past.


Agree about soccer... girly as all Hell. Basketball is, IMO, girly too. But, not as girly as soccer.

I know, I know, basketball can be a little rough.

The thing I cannot understand, is... if I were as big as Shaq... I would be playing American football. Other than for the money (which I realize is a big reason)... I cannot understand a desire to play basketball when American football is so much more fun.


Jordan gave the Taiwanese three minutes? That is pretty generous in my book considering I wouldn't give 99.9% of them the time of day.


I wish ColdFront would come back. He was offensive, but at least he was challenging, had some good insight, humourous, and was often entertaining.

There is an ignore button somewhere here right?


So, why are you here?


I've never played anything rougher in my life than hoops in Oakland, CA. Those guys will kill you to keep you from scoring!!

Longevity. NBAers will last a lot longer than NFLers. (The same rule doesn't apply to pick-up hoops in Oakland.)

Money. Higher salaries in the NBA and they are guaranteed.


It must be for that 0.1%

Oh, yeah -- Basketball rules! but not NBA.


Plus, what position would Shaq be suitable for? He's huge, but he's not built like a lineman, prob can't throw like a qb (not that nimble either). WR, no way. maybe a old-school TE, but Shockey and TG have changed that position. KR? haha. CB? too slow. i mean he's no lumbering giant, but how fast can he make 50 yards?
i have to say you're nuts Tigerman. on this point at least.


Korea probably "blacklisted" her :



You can say that...

But... he'd be a real standout at stand-up defensive end.


And blocking field goals.

You guys got me yearning for the NFL to start up again! At least that was one thing ESPN Taiwan was able to get halfway right last year, 2 games per week isn't bad. :smiley:


Eli Manning. hype or the real thing?

and plus, if he's special teams or DE, he won't be making as much as Center with LA.

but that brings a interesting point. are there any NBA athletes or their farm players that drop out and move to the NFL?


Relevant - sort of...

Nike heir dies in diving incident
From correspondents in San Salvador, El Salvador
May 26, 2004

NIKE sporting goods empire heir Matthew Hatfield Knight died on Monday (AEST) during a diving trip with friends at a lake east of the El Salvador capital, authorities said.

Knight, 34, was the eldest son of Nike co-founder Phil Knight, the company's chief executive.
He had been diving with friends at Lake Ilopango 14 kilometres east of San Salvador before his death. His body is due to be repatriated to the United States on Friday.

"The report that we have is that a US citizen died on Sunday at 1645 hours local time when he was diving with friends," Violeta Polanco, a spokeswoman for the National Civil Police (PNC) said.

The Nike heir reportedly died from asphyxiation related to submersion, according to the El Diario de Hoy newspaper, which cited medical reports.

He was a graduate of Hillsboro school, Oregon, and worked for the charity Christian Children of the World.

Friends said the group had been diving in depths of 20 metres when they noticed something had happened to Knight. The friends took him out of the water but failed to resuscitate him, the newspaper said.

Agence France-Presse


Sam Clancy was a four-year letterman in basketball at the University of Pittsburgh (he was the first panther to score 1000 points and grab 1000 rebounds), but did not play football there. He was a member of the 1979 US Pan American Games squad that won the gold medal in basketball. He was a third round pick by the NBA's Phoenix Suns, but opted instead to play in the NFL.

Of course, he is from Pittsburgh (specifically, from the Hill District, which was the inspiration for the name of the TV show "Hill Street Blues"), where we prefer manly football to girly basketball. At least we did back in the days when the mills were still operating.