Michael Jordan's 3-minute appearance


He probably has the skills, but succeeding in NYC is tough. The fans there have no patience, which fact may cause him to fail when he may have done great somewhere else - like San Diego. :smiley:

Tony Gonzales (as you must know) and Ricky Dudley both played college hoops. NBAers? I can't think of any, but I think a lot of them could make the switch. Kobe and LeBron would make killer WRs or TEs (with some bulk added). Allen Iverson would be a great scrambling QB or a WR (I think he was a Virginia all-state QB in high school).


taipeitimes.com/News/front/a ... 2003157103

god have i ever cared less about anything than this pathetic storm in a teacup?...i don't know who to slag off here...the dumb kids who worship jordan, the dumb bastards what pay big $$ for shoes they don't need, jordan himself and the whole corruption of sports by big money endorsements, um the consumers federation for the potential embarassment this could cause taiwan...myself for even writing this diatribe...anyone else?

feel better now :stuck_out_tongue:


The bottom line is that Jordan coming to Taiwan to boost sales of Nike stuff has backfired. Why don't we hear anything from Nike international or Mike himself?
This incident also highlights just how insignificant Taiwan is in the eyes of outsiders. Jordan probably thought the kids were all peasants who eat white rice with sticks and say their "r's" like "l's."


Of course those who bought lots of Nike gear in order to see their idol are fools, but lots of young and naive people get fooled by hype, media, celebrities, etc. And, yes Mikey was a dick to fly to Taiwan and only appear for 2 minutes, but we don't know the whole story. What I want to know is did Nike Taiwan (that is the local Nike employees) knowingly promise more to the fans then they knew would be delivered? Did they hype it up to fans on the one hand and assure Jordan on the other that he basically had no real obligation? I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.


Someone in one of my classes works for Nike, and she said it was the media that hyped the whole thing up and that they never promised quality time with Jordan. I tend to lean toward your assumption--hyping it up and telling Jordan he had no obligation.


Still, having to buy stuff to see 90 seconds of a sports star walk around a stage and wave? Bullshit. You'd think he'd have the decency to sign some autographs or dunk a basketball.
If Nike Taiwan knew that Jordan was going to walk out for 90 seconds, then they knew that was not going to suffice. And the evasive response to this makes me think they knew they goofed.


Which one of you recalls a brutal home robbery in Taichung a few years ago, where a foreign business man (manager for a huge sportshoe manufacturer) was deadly injured, but his wife and baby survived.

I cannot recall an announcement, that the case was solved.

Having lived there, in the Middle Kingdom of Yun Lin,and seeing the current stip-up, I would appreciate enlightment of a Forumosan in this matter.
Does somebody recall the name of this sportshoe company, or has the case been solved in the meantime ?

Jan Willem



It was the manager of Converse. The wife was murdered (beaten to death). Baby was found the next day beside his mother. Father (the manager) was in Singapore as I recall. They lived in a gated community with only one way in and out. Lots of security guards. Several large items were stolen (including big TV as I recall). Never was solved and after about a year the husband hung it up and left. The police and the security guards were most likely guilty.

Spanish Surfer Stabbed by Fishermen in Kenting

Are you suggesting that what happened to the Converse guy could be a model for the sort of mob justice that should happen to the Nike executives?

Why people would want to get close to Michael Jordan isn't all that clear to me, but it is pretty obvious that there's still a sucker born every minute. :raspberry:


See? I was right. They came out and admitted that they knew Jordan was going to appear for only 90 seconds.

And bear, what was the point of quoting me without more comment? Or did you think my post was worth a repeat?


Well he is worth over a billion and Taiwanese love buying Jordan’s more than ever lol


Um … any reason for responding to a thread 14 years later?


Chewdawg dug this one up in another thread.


history must not be forgotten -_-