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Yeah, but you never hear the ones (or at least only marginally) about Westerners being raped, murdered, etc. For example. About 12 years ago, a Swedish student friend of mine went traveling down to Hua-lien. While there she went into a small restaurant to eat. A Taiwanese guy struck up a conversation with her and the next thing she knew, she was on the floor of the police staion. The guy had drugged her, taken her to a hotel and gangraped her there with some of his friends. She was rescued by the police who were tipped off by the restaurant owner. The guys escaped through the window. She was lucky in that she didn’t remember anything. Of course it wasn’t reported. And no one was arrested.
And then there’s the case of the married American man who was walking through the National Taiwan University campus where he was attacked and castrated. There wasn’t much in the papers about this other than the police assertion that he was gay (hastily retracted). No one was caught. No followup.
How about the American woman (wife of the manager for Converse Asia) who was murdered outside her home down south (I can’t remember whether it was Tainan or Taichung). It was in a “secure” community with security guards and only one entrance/exit. Where the police involved? Not much reporting on that either.
Then there was the case in Hsi-chih, where I walked in on a burglar in my apartment. He wasn’t too bright because he was robbing my house and listening to my Walkman at the same time so he didn’t hear me come in. My 7 months pregnant wife called the police (who took 30 minutes to come only 500 meteres). The burglar waited because I beat the crap out of him. I was taken in because I “must know kung-fu” and had to agree not to sue the burglar so he wouldn’t sue me for beating him. Again, no report, etc, etc.