Michelin Guide Taipei/Taichung 2021

It’s August, and again time for Michelin to start announcing some of its selections for 2021, including the reasonably priced Bib Gourmand selections from the featured cities of Taipei and Taichung. As with last year’s selections, I have no idea how the Michelin folks would have or could have travelled to Taiwan to check these places out and assess them with any kind of rigour.

A report from the Taipei Times has some details:

The announcement of the restaurants receiving the (at least for some) coveted stars will be on August 25.


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Restaurant still open gets a star?

I’ve been to Chilliesine and I … didn’t like it.

This article includes the google maps and Facebook links of these restaurants:

2021 台北台中米其林必比登餐廳名單 (分區) 》2021 Taipei Taichung BIB Gourmand Guide (By District) - 娜姐 FOODELICIOUS

One of my favorite is this food stand 雄記蔥抓餅 Hsiung Chi Scallion Pan Cake in Gongguan




It’s very helpful to have that list. Thank you for posting it!

Hsiung Chi in Taipei City’s Gongguan District is certainly not terrible, but not once have I ever thought: these guys should be on the Michelin list!

It’s a sad marker of how far the quality of basic Chinese food in Taiwan has fallen (or, alternatively, another sign that the Michelin guys have no idea what they are talking about).



IME the Michelin guys are very accurate in European restaurants (I’ve no idea about North American restaurants but I guess it’s similar). However, in East Asia they can be way off the mark. I think this may be a cost issue, or perhaps the country’s tourist board funds them which creates a conflict of interest.

A three star Chinese restaurant in Macau was nothing of the sort. Not even close. The starred restaurants in Taiwan are generally way off base as well.


They arent in Kansas anymore. I mean france/italy.

The 2021 results are out. As expected in this climate, lots of similarities with last year’s list, with some new additions too. Some details are here:

An interesting tidbit from the report linked above: Tainan and Kaohsiung will apparently be included in next year’s guide. Something to look forward to as we struggle to get through the pandemic!


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It seems substantially easier to be listed in the Michelin Guide Taiwan than anywhere else. Taichung Meatballs, Chillisiene?!?

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I don’t disagree with your point, but I’d add that neither received stars—as far as I can tell (the Michelin website is hard to navigate), they seem to be Bib Gourmand selections where the bar is lower.

I do still wonder what Michelin is up to in Taichung . . .


Contrary to popular belief, the Michelin Guides aren’t all about ‘fine dining’. From luxurious restaurants to village pubs, the Michelin Guides offer something for everyone, in every price bracket.

Since 1997, ‘good quality, good value restaurants’ have been pointed out using the Bib Gourmand award. The price limit for ‘Bib’ consideration varies from country to country, depending on the cost of living. It’s not just about the price though – the cooking has to be good quality too.

There are two main criteria to qualify for a Bib Gourmand - the food must be delicious, and it must cost less than a set amount for three courses . As the Michelin guide is now published around the world, the ceiling price varies according to the local cost of living. As of 2020, you can order three courses at a Bib Gourmand restaurant and expect to pay no more than €36 in most European cities, $40 in most US cities, £28 in the UK and Northern Ireland, HK300 in Hong Kong, or ¥5,000 in Tokyo.

Sources and more info :