Microchipping Pets Leaving Taiwan

I’ve found a lot of helpful information on the sticky about exporting pets… There one thing I’m not clear on though.

If I’m exporting a dog to Canada, they need to be microchipped even if the Canadaian goverment doesn’t require it. From what I understand all dogs / cats leaving Taiwan need to be microchipped because that’s part of the Taiwanese exportation procedure. Is this correct? If so, does it really need to be done 6 months in advance?

I’m fostering a dog and would love to adopt her, but I’m planning to leave Taiwan in about 11 weeks. Will it be possible to bring her back with me?

Any advice would be helpful. :notworthy:

I actually talked with a fellow who brought a dog home to Canada for his mom a couple years ago. It cost him 3000NT for the flight, a small vet bill to have a proper health check and a microchip. Quite inexpensive and very easy. No quarantine when arriving in Canada either. That I know of, Canada is amongst the easiest countries when it comes to importing animals from Taiwan. The microchip can be done as late as a couple weeks before the departure date. I believe you need it to fill in some paperwork.

Good luck and good to hear you want to take your furry friend with you. :slight_smile:


Yes you need a microchip. Also make sure you get all your dogs shots done at least 31 days before you take your dog to see the quarenteen people (I got that one wrong, 31 days before leaving the country) thankfully the guy still approved my dogs because it was Canada. I almost cried I was so greatful. Once you get them on the plane its easy, no hassles on the Canadian side. My biggest recommendation is that you get a microchip that is likely to be used in Canada or will at least scan at the airport when you take your dog through the little office where they do the final check. Mine wouldn’t scan there, again they let me through, apparently the scanners were all broken that day. Good luck but I don’t think you’ll need it.

Thanks so much for the helpul information. You’ve put my mind at ease, and I’m pretty sure my puppy will be happy about the news too! :scooby:

See this Taipei Times article for details.

Cat identification chip trials to start in cities next year

When – Starting April 2007
Where – four cities, Taipei, Tainan, Taichung and Kaohsiung; more areas later
What – ID chips and registration required, as well as rabies vaccine
Cost – $1500, with possible reimbursement (being considered)

[quote]The council also announced that it would be implementing a TNR (trap, neuter, and release) program in certain communities to control the cat population. Stray cats would not be impounded because they do not typically pose a threat to the general public, nor are they generally a health hazard, the council said.[/quote] (Good news indeed!)