Microsoft (Office) 365 Paid vs Free

The article below says the you can freely legally use a number of its apps via Web browser, “online for free – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Calendar and Skype”.

Does anyone use the free web based apps and how is it? Mainly interested in PowerPoint right now. And uploading previously created files to use.

Friend needs them on my Windows computer but I don’t use them.

As with all web based apps it depends on your connection, I found it a but clunky the few times I needed to use it. For example shortcut keys affecting the browser not the app.

there are a few free alternatives you can try if you search around the net.

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If anyone has links to free/reduced price Adobe products, I’m in.

I’ve always paid for Office. Thinking about paying y WinRAR.

Why? 7-zip has basically become the industry standard from what I hear.

Their prices are ridiculous.

They’re sold as a subscription these days. If you always need the latest version, the 20$US/ mo or whatever they charge isn’t bad. If you just need photoshop or indesign and couldn’t care less about which version, it’s insane.